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CCS Alumni

Alumni are important. They help us build networks, and they carry the mission and the passion of the Center. Our goal was to give interns an experience of what working in this field entails, an opportunity to meet those working in the field and the space to exercise their interest. Our CCS alumni have made us proud, putting their skills to work in a huge variety of jobs, research, and other projects around the world.

Learn more about our featured alumni to learn about their involvement at CCS, current job and location, exciting projects and accomplishments, and the causes they are most passionate about, as well as how their experience at CCS helped to prepare them for their careers.

We can't wait to see what else our alumni will do! Visit us frequently to get updates on how our alums are putting their skills to work.

Abhilasha Sharma Abhilasha Sharma Alex Free Alex Free
Alex Amling Alexandra Amling Bryan Weiner Bryan Weiner
Darina Burina Darina Burina Eduardo Sanchez Eduardo Sanchez
Elis Sjodin Elis Sjodin Emily McLaughlin Emily McLaughlin
Emperatriz Guevara Emperatriz Guevara Grace Odell Grace O'Dell
Joel Post Joel Post Kaori Ambo Kaori Ambo
Kirill Prudnikov Kirill Prudnikov Lauren Dasilva Lauren DaSilva
Margaret Conant Margaret Conant Mathias Zuemer Mathias Zuemer
Michael Houseman Michael Houseman Olivia Wade Olivia Wade
Omar Salem Omar Salem Auinn Valer Campbell Quinn Van Valer-Campbell
RJ Aycock Raymond Aycock Rebecca Walters Rebecca Walters
Richard Funkhouser Richard Funkhouser Sarah Straubinger Sarah Straubinger
Sasha Sleiman Sasha Sleiman Sean Parks Sean Parks
Stephanie Barko Stephanie Barko Thomas Eilers Thomas Eilers