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2014 Peacebuilder Fellows

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The 2014 Peacebuilder Fellows will travel to Burma, Mexico, the West Bank and Ethiopia.

April 15, 2014

CCS is excited to announce our Peacebuilder Fellows for summer 2014! CCS will be sending eight Fellows, as well as one Visiting Peacebuilder Fellow (short-term), to four different countries to research water conflicts and gather the stories of those who have experienced conflict. This year’s Fellows come from the United States, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Thailand, Germany, and the Basque region of Spain; and will travel to Burma, Mexico, the West Bank, and Ethiopia for two months in the summer. Upon their return, Fellows will work with CCS to share their research and the stories of the conflict stakeholders through a variety of audio visual platforms. You can read their profiles, experience, and reasons for pursuing this research here