Center for the Blue Economy Professional education and research to promote ocean and coastal sustainability

Past Speakers

Ocean and Coastal Resource Management Lecture Series

Past speakers include

Bryant Austin
experimental multi-media artist, marine conservationist: Beautiful Whale

Mike Beck
Lead Scientist, Global Marine Team, The Nature Conservancy

Michael Conathan
Director of Ocean Policy, The Center for American Progress

Charles Colgan
Chair of the Community Planning and Development Program, University of Southern Maine; Lead market economist, NOEP

Jess Ponting
Assistant Professor, San Diego State University

Julie Oswald
Bio-Waves Inc.

Climate One “Blue Economy” Panel with Jason Scorse, Director CBE; Mary Hagedorn, Research Scientist, National Zoological Park; Michael Jones, The Maritime Alliance.

Chris LaFranchi
Director, OneReef

Sam Schuchat
Executive Officer, California State Coastal Conservancy

Monique Fountain
Tidal Wetland Project Director, Elkhorn Slough Foundation

Nik Strong-Cvetich
MIIS alum, Program Development Manager, Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz

Brian Baird
Independent consultant; former Assistant Secretary for Ocean and Coastal Policy, California Resources Agency

Bill Gibbons-Fly
Director of Marine Conservation, Department of State

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Sylvia Earle
Oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Elliot Norse
Chief Scientist, Marine Conservation Institute

Alfhild Aspelin
MIIS IEP alum and consultant for DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability

Richard Volk
MIIS alum, Senior Coastal & Aquatic Resources Advisor, USAID

Jenny Miller
Project AWARE Foundation

Jennifer Winston
MIIS alum, Ph.D. candidate at UNC

Julia Townsend
MIIS alum, NOAA National MPA Center

Alan Lovewell & Oren Frey
MIIS alumni, Local Catch Monterey Bay

Giulio de Leo
Professor of Biology, Hopkins Marine Station

Anna Cummins
MIIS alum, Co-Founder 5 Gyres Institute