Fall 2014 Ocean and Coast Resource Management Lecture Series

Incredible thinkers addressing pressing, real-world issues

The fall speaker series is held each Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 PM (unless otherwise noted) in room MG102 of the McGowan Building at 411 Pacific Street, Monterey California 93940.

Announcements will be made soon as to the fall 2014 speakers.  The series will include topics on the local and international levels across many disciplines, with a focus on the policy and economic implications. The primary purpose of this speaker series is to introduce incoming IEP students who are pursuing the Ocean and Coastal Resource Management concentration to a wide range of cutting-edge topics in international marine policy.

The series is open to all IEP and IPM students interested in marine policy, as well as members of the MARINE network and the larger Monterey community. The talks are all funded through the Institute’s Center for the Blue Economy.

Past speakers include

August 27th  Bryant Austin (experimental multi-media artist, marine conservationist): Beautiful Whale

September 3rd  CBE 2013 Summer Fellows

September 10th  Mike Beck (Lead Scientist, Global Marine Team, The Nature Conservancy)

September 17th  Michael Conathan (Director of Ocean Policy, The Center for American Progress)

Charles Colgan (Chair of the Community Planning and Development Program, University of Southern Maine; Lead market economist, NOEP)

Jess Ponting (Assistant Professor, San Diego State University)

Julie Oswald (Bio-Waves Inc.)

CBE Faculty panel

Climate One “Blue Economy” Panel with Jason Scorse, Director CBE; Mary Hagedorn, Research Scientist, National Zoological Park; Michael Jones, The Maritime Alliance.

Chris LaFranchi (Director, OneReef)

Sam Schuchat (Executive Officer, California State Coastal Conservancy)

Monique Fountain (Tidal Wetland Project Director, Elkhorn Slough Foundation)

Nik Strong-Cvetich (MIIS alum, Program Development Manager, Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz)

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Brian Baird (Independent consultant; former Assistant Secretary for Ocean and Coastal Policy, California Resources Agency)

Bill Gibbons-Fly (Director of Marine Conservation, Department of State)

Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Elliot Norse, Chief Scientist, Marine Conservation Institute

Alfhild Aspelin (MIIS IEP alum and consultant for DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability)

Richard Volk (MIIS alum, Senior Coastal & Aquatic Resources Advisor, USAID)

Jenny Miller, Project AWARE Foundation

Jennifer Winston (MIIS alum, Ph.D. candidate at UNC)

Julia Townsend (MIIS alum, NOAA National MPA Center)

Alan Lovewell & Oren Frey (MIIS alumni, Local Catch Monterey Bay)

Giulio de Leo (Professor of Biology, Hopkins Marine Station)

Anna Cummins (MIIS alum, Co-Founder 5 Gyres Institute)