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The Ocean and Coastal Resource Management Speaker Series

Innovative thinkers addressing pressing, real-world issues


When:  Each Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (unless otherwise noted)

Where:  The McGowan Building, room 102 at 411 Pacific Street, Monterey California

What:  The primary purpose of this speaker series is to introduce incoming International Environmental Policy Studies students who are pursuing the Ocean and Coastal Resource Management concentration to a wide range of cutting-edge topics.  The series will include topics from the local to international levels across many disciplines, with an emphasis on the policy and economic implications.

Who:  The series is open to all students and any member of the public interested in marine policy.

September 2014

Tuesday, September 2nd

Professor Jason Scorse

Jason Scorse

CBE Director with
Professors Zarsky & McGinnis

The CBE Research Agenda

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Tuesday, September 9th


Dennis Long

Executive Director,
The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation

California MPA Partnership Plan: Critical Success Factors

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Tuesday, September 16th


Alan Lovewell

Co-founder and CEO of Local Catch, Monterey Bay

Local Catch Monterey Bay: Next steps

Tuesday, September 23rd


Mark Spalding

President, The Ocean Foundation

No silver bullets: innovative and holistic thinking to move the needle on coastal and ocean conservation

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October 2014

Thursday, October 2nd


John Bourgeois

Executive Project Manager, South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, California State Coastal Conservancy

South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project: Applying Adaptive Management to Large Scale Habitat Restoration

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Tuesday, October 7th



Erich Pacheco

Erich is Manager of the Ocean Health Index, Conservation International

Ocean Health Index Regional Assessments: A Tool to Inform Decision-Making and Maximize Sustainable Ocean Benefits

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Tuesday, October 21st


John Amos

President, SkyTruth

Hijinks on the High Seas: Will Satellite Surveillance Tame the Last Frontier?

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Tuesday, October 28th


Larry Goldzband

Executive Director, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

A Rising Bay, Flooding Shorelines, and Increasing Expectations: Responding Regionally to Climate Change in the Bay Area

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November 2014

Tuesday, November 4th


Heather Tomley

Director of Environmental Planning, Port of Long Beach

Greening the Port: Prioritizing environmental improvements into management of the Port of Long Beach

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Tuesday, November 11th


Dan Reineman

Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford Earth Sciences Department

An Alternative Approach to Assessing Sea-Level Rise Impacts

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Tuesday, November 18th



Phil King & Fernando DePaolis

Phil is Associate Professor of Economics and Chair, San Francisco State University

Fernando is Associate Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Adapt Monterey

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Click here for a profile of Fernando DePaolis

Tuesday, November 25th


Serge Dedina

Executive Director, Wildcoast

New Tools for Coastal and Marine Conservation in California and the Baja California Peninsula

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December 2014

Tuesday, December 2nd


Juliette Hart

Assistant Professor (Research) for Marine Environmental Biology, University of Southern California and Marine & Climate Specialist, USC Sea Grant

10 Million by Sea: Sea Level Rise & Coastal Impacts Planning in the Los Angeles Region

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Tuesday, December 9th


Margaret Spring

Vice President of Conservation and Science, Monterey Bay Aquarium

U.S. Fishery Reform: A Saga of Law, Policy, and Markets

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