Center for the Blue Economy Professional education and research to promote ocean and coastal sustainability

The Center for the Blue Economy (CBE) promotes ocean and coastal sustainability by providing the best available information to empower governments, NGOs, businesses, and concerned citizens to make educated decisions about the marine environment.

The CBE produces and disseminates data on a wide range of ocean and coastal values, and conducts original, data-driven analysis for international policymaking and management.

The Center is home to the National Ocean Economics Program (NOEP), which is the premier source for ocean and coastal economic data and analysis. The CBE is expanding the scope of NOEP to include additional national data, new international data, and additional tools to support researchers and policymakers.

The CBE’s research priorities are threefold:

  1. International community and capacity-building to assist cities, states, and countries to value the natural capital of their oceans and coasts in order to promote sustainable policy and management
  2. Data gathering and analysis to provide economic time series and other relevant information to help better understand the economic contribution of the oceans and coasts to the overall economy, and to monitor socioeconomic trends
  3. Collaborative research and supporting economic analysis to assist marine sectors to “green” the Blue Economy and become better ocean stewards


Preliminary research that is currently getting underway by CBE faculty includes:

<p>Mike McGinnis</p>

Addressing the impacts of marine vessels on ocean and coastal ecosystems (Mike)

<p>Jason Scorse</p>

Developing tools to assess the risk of mislabeled fish for seafood businesses (Jason)

<p>Lyuba Zarsky</p>

Identifying impediments to climate change planning in the U.S. coastal zones (Jason and Lyuba)

<p>Jason Scorse</p>

Estimating the property value impacts associated with proximity to surf breaks (Jason)

<p>Jeff Langholz</p>

Moving toward sustainable coastal agricultural systems (Jeff)

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