Center for the Blue Economy Professional education and research to promote ocean and coastal sustainability

Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)

The OCRM track is a combination of the traditional fields of marine science, policy, and law along with courses focusing on the economic and management challenges posed by increased coastal development, demand for ocean resources, and the threats from climate change. Many professional development opportunities are afforded by the Center for the Blue Economy (CBE) by positioning our students for leadership roles immediately upon graduation.

The OCRM coursework provides rigorous qualitative and quantitative skills-building that is interdisciplinary, current, and practical. All students produce original interdisciplinary research on current marine issues relevant for policymaking and management decisions.

Students enrolled in the International Environmental Policy (IEP) program* have the OCRM concentration recorded on their official transcripts by completing the following courses, in addition to their IEP degree requirements:

  • Marine Science and Policy (4 credits)
  • International Marine Law (4 credits)
  • Ocean and Coastal Economics (4 credits)
  • Sustainable Coastal Management (4 credits)
  • Also required: Attendance at the Fall International Marine Policy speaker series

*IEP students completing this concentration automatically meet the 8-credit track requirements. Students enrolled at other institutions in the COS MARINE consortium may also be eligible for this 16-credit course of study. Please contact the CBE Program Manager for more information.

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The Monterey Institute is also a member of the COS MARINE consortium led by Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions. The goal of COS MARINE is to enhance graduate marine education in the Monterey Bay area through a collaboration among the seven local academic institutions— Monterey Institute of International Studies, CSU Monterey Bay, Hopkins Marine Station, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Naval Postgraduate School, Stanford University, and UC Santa Cruz.

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COS MARINE facilitates exchange among these institutions and provides an array of high quality inter-institutional activities such as courses, seminars, and workshops that are free of charge to eligible students. Throughout the academic year (and often during the summer) students from all seven campuses have opportunities to apply their training to pressing ocean issues and engage in real world problem-solving.