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Enrique Alonso García

Permanent Councilor of State of the Spanish Government, Adjunct Professor

For over 20 years, Enrique Alonso Garcia has been active in marine issues around the world, engaging in environmental activities both as an academic and as a professional.  He has made a number of important contributions to initiatives protecting the marine environment.

At this time, he is the president of the Division of Environmental, Rural and Marine Affairs & Science at the Council of State in Spain.

Before that, Professor Alonso was Director General of Nature Conservation in Spain.  He was in charge of Fish & Wildlife, National Parks, National Forests and National Marine Sanctuary Services. He was chief negotiator for the Spanish government and the European Union on international environmental conventions. He also served for three years as the executive president of the first Spanish Marine National Park.

Professor Alonso also has an impressive academic record. He has taught and conducted research at over a dozen universities around the world including Harvard School of Law, William & Mary Law School and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Between 2002 and 2006, he was a professor of law and UNESCO Chair for the Environment at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

His research includes an assessment of the Southern California Sea Otter Revised Recovery Plan, the evaluation of the process leading to the approval of the Cape Wind park off the coast of Nantucket and the assessment of the Institutional System in the Coast of California for oil spill prevention and response.

At the Center for the Blue Economy, Professor Alonso advises master’s candidates on their research.

Recent Accomplishments/ Activities

From 2010-2011, Professor Alonso worked on regulations for the mechanisms to enforce and prevent fraud on the market quotas in the Bluefin tuna fisheries of the Mediterranean.

He also established the protocols to assess interactions of dolphins and killer whales with open and farm fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Professor Alonso organized in 2007 the first international workshop on Beluga whale research, husbandry and management and in 2010 the first international EU-US encounter on the utilization of new state of the art marine technologies.


Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law, Marine Policy, Access to Marine Genetic Resources, Offshore Marine Protected Areas, Fisheries and Marine Resources Management, Energy and the Marine Environment, Shipping,  Marine Data Bases Interoperability, Seascapes, Marine Bioacoustics, North American Free Trade Agreement and Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, Vessels Interception, Oil Spills Prevention and Management, Multilateral Marine-related Conventions Negotiations, Cetaceans, Marine Animals Welfare, European Union Law and Policy, Food safety, Algae Collections Management.


S.J.D. Law, Complutense University (Spain) 1982; L.L.M. University of Virginia 1981; J.D. Complutense University, 1976; Certified Environmental Manager, Bentley University, Waltham, MA,  1997.


Enrique Alonso García has published, among other areas, on marine issues in several languages (English, Spanish, German and Japanese). Some of his publications, limited to the marine policy, science and law, are the following:

Enrique Alonso García, "El Conocimiento y la Aplicación del Derecho Ambiental, un Ejemplo Práctico: las Areas Protegidas Marinas, en Especial, las Areas Protegidas en Mar Abierto", en Desarrollo Sostenible y Protección del Medio Ambiente, Luis Piñar Mañas (Director), ed. Civitas. 2002.

Case study.- "Farming in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed, Environmental Justice & the Hispanic Community", by Jason Benford (supervised by Enrique Alonso García & Ana Recarte Vicente-Arche). April 2004

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Case study.- "The Meaning of Salmon in the Northwest: A Historical, Scientific and Sociological Study", by Luisa Molinero (supervised by Enrique Alonso García) April 2005.

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Enrique Alonso García, "Introduction to International Environmental Law: Handbook with Cases and Materials for American Lawyers", Friends of Thoreau Program Series, núm.1, Ed. URJC-Friends of Thoreau, 2a. ed, 2009, ISBN: 84 95541 05 X

Enrique Alonso García y Ana Recarte Vicente-Arche, "La Técnica Normativa En EEUU, en Particular la Elaboración de las Leyes, en La Técnica Normativa: una Necesidad para la Realización de la Justicia, Pablo García Mexía y Jaime Rodríguez Arana (directores), CEU Ediciones, 2010

Enrique Alonso García, "La Reciente e Inminente Legislación Sobre Conservación y Uso Sostenible de la Biodiversidad del Medio Marino, ¿Celebración o Reto?", en Ambienta, núm.94, marzo 2011


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