Center for the Blue Economy Professional education and research to promote ocean and coastal sustainability

The Center for the Blue Economy Visiting Scholars Program enables us to further our own and others' expertise while fostering international partnerships.  Below are the visiting scholars we have worked with in the past.

2013-2014 Visiting Scholars

Hee Jung Choi


Hee Jung Choi is visiting from the Korea Maritime Institute under the Prime Minister's Office in Seoul, South Korea. Hee Jung studies integrated coastal management and marine spatial planning.

Kwang Seo Park


Kwang Seo Park is visiting from the Korea Maritime Institute under the Prime Minister's Office in Seoul, South Korea. Kwang Seo is interested in measuring trends in the ocean economy in Korea, including production and employment.

Zhang Xiaoli


Zhang Xiaoli is visiting Scholar from The Center for Ocean Economy of ShangHai Ocean University, ShangHai, China. Zhang Xiaoli is interested in Econometrics, Ocean Economy and Policy of Ocean Environment Protection  in China.

2012-2013 Visiting Scholars

Rui Zhao

<p>Rui Zhao</p>

Rui Zhao visited from the National Marine Data and Information Service of China's State Oceanic Administration. Rui's research interests include Ocean economy accounting, statistics and analysis. While at the CBE, Rui reviewed and compared methods of ocean accounting from around the world. Rui conducted an input-output analysis to clarify the role of the ocean industry in the Chinese national economy. He describes this in a paper that will be published in an upcoming issue of Marine Policy.

Stephen Hynes

<p>Dr. Stephen Hynes</p>
Stephen Hynes visited from the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Stephen's research interests include cultural and international differences in ecosystem service valuation methods. While at the CBE in 2012-2013, Stephen Hynes completed Valuing improvements to coastal waters using choice experiments: an application to revisions of the EU Bathing Waters Directive with his co-authors Dugald Tinch and Nick Hanley.

Guo Jing

<p>Jing Guo</p>
Guo Jing is a PhD student majoring in Ocean Resources Management at the Ocean University of China. Her research interests include non-market valuation of coastal resources. While at the CBE, Jing conducted research on US estuaries and their use of non-market valuation information and presented to MIIS students and faculty her findings: The gap between science and policy: assessing the use of non-market valuation studies in estuarine management. At the CBE, Jing applied techniques developed at the NOEP to develop a non-market valuation system for coastal ecosystem services in Shandong, China; she prepared a paper that she will present in Shandong in October 2013.