CBE Waves: Fall 2013

Faculty research

In June and August 2013, Drs. Fernando DePaolis and Jeff Langholz presented the governments of Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo counties with the results of their studies on economic contributions of agriculture to each county. The two studies reported the direct and indirect economic effects, employment, and output of  the farm production and locally sourced value-added food processing sectors. In addition, the reports included a novel discussion of economic diversity in the counties. The presentations were well attended by county supervisors, other elected officials, members of industry groups, and the community at large. The events merited coverage in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the San Luis Obispo Tribune as well as in a story by the Monterey County Farm Bureau.

Dr. Michael McGinnis has published two journal articles in recent months: The Race for Marine Space: Science, Values and Aquaculture Planning in New Zealand in Coastal Management, and an essay, An Ecology of Resilience: Participatory Adaptation in Resilience. A third article, The Influence of Environmentalism on Support for Local Agriculture and Land Use Attitudes, has been accepted for publication. Since April, Professor McGinnis has spoken at conferences in San Francisco, Napa, Moss Landing, Watsonville, and Monterey on topics as wide-ranging as water quality, climate change communication, and Chinese coastal landscapes.

Dr. Lyuba Zarsky is researching innovative approaches to private financing for climate resilient coastal infrastructure. The research is part of CBE's Coastal Climate Resilience research focus.

Professor Zarsky and MA-IEP '13 graduate Whitney Anderson presented a paper at the Fourth National Forum on Socioeconomic Research on Coastal Systems held in New Orleans in March 2013. The paper, Shooting in the Dark? Assessing costs and benefits of coal development and port expansion on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, is the first product of Professor Zarsky's ongoing research on assessment methodologies for coastal industry development.

OCRM course on commercial marine vessels

In the Spring 2014 semester, Michael McGinnis will be working with  Monterey Area Research Institutions Network for Education (MARINE) faculty to develop a new course on commercial marine vessels and their associated impacts on the marine environment. These impacts include whale strikes, public health, air and water pollution, and the introduction of non-native invasive species.  This course will likely be offered to students interested in marine science and policy later in 2014.

Kildow travels to China

Dr. Judith Kildow spent 10 days in October in China, visiting Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, as the guest of the Chinese government to help them broaden their understanding of ocean economics.  "As the NOEP has set the standard for the methodology for valuing the ocean, China has been  interested in working with us to expand the process to an international scale," said Dr. Kildow. At the outset, she intended to give two lectures and attend a conference.  What she did not expect was the warm ceremonial welcome and multiple celebrations held in her honor!

Kildow visiting SHOU

Dr. Kildow’s first lecture, Ocean Economic Accounting and Non-Market Value Estimates, was presented to the staff of the National Marine Data Center, Oceanic Administration in Tianjin, home to CBE Visiting Scholar emeritus Rui Zhao.  Her second lecture, Estimating the Coastal Economy, was presented at Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU). The President of SHOU presented Dr. Kildow with a certificate naming her an honorary director of their new "Center for Ocean Economy," a joint partnership with the National Marine Data Center.  The CBE and SHOU are developing a Memorandum of Understanding regarding future collaboration with the goal of expanding NOEP's reach internationally with a focus on China. 

While in Shanghai, Dr. Kildow also attended the ECSA International Conference at which Guo Jing, a 2012-2013 CBE Visiting Scholar, presented a paper (coauthored with Dr. Kildow) on non-market valuation and the gap between research and its application in U.S. estuaries. The presentation was very well received. We are extremely proud of the work our visiting scholars have accomplished here at the CBE, and look forward to long and rewarding partnerships with their home institutions.

Visiting Scholars from South Korea

Our CBE Visiting Scholars for the 2012-2013 academic year, Jing Guo and Rui Zhao, have returned to their home institutions in China.

In July 2013, CBE welcomed South Korean researchers Kwang Seo Park and Hee Jung Choi.  Both are employed at the Korea Maritime Institute in Seoul. Kwang Seo will focus his research on classification systems for the ocean economy, while Hee Jung will research tools for ecosystem-based marine spatial planning. Both visiting scholars are collaborating with CBE faculty and staff for the duration of their stay.

Research focus for the CBE

Dr. Fernando DePaolis is leading a strategic planning process for the CBE to reposition the center’s research and staffing structure. From its inception as a home for the National Ocean Economics Program, the CBE has grown to encompass a range of diverse but related areas of investigation. A cohesive research strategy will allow the center’s team to better address the threats of climate change to ocean and coastal regions, encompassing aspects as varied as coastal agriculture, insurance markets, and vulnerable ecosystems.

Coordinated projects will balance students’ instructional needs with the CBE’s emerging niche in the international academic community. The CBE connects MIIS students with prominent experts in the field, including visiting scholars, research fellows, and journalists in residence.

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Alumni on the move

Laura Henson

Laura Henson hard at work

Congratulations to Laura Henson (MAIEP ’13 - that's Laura in the background) on her acceptance to the prestigious Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship, which provides marine science and policy graduate students the opportunity to gain exposure to national policy development and implementation. Laura will spend her one-year fellowship in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of International Affairs (NOAA OIA), with a focus on arctic issues - a role she describes as her "dream job."
Drawing on her  experiences in the Peace Corps and MIIS's Team El Salvador, while applying her language and leadership abilities, Laura will facilitate communication among scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders in marine resource management.

Reflecting on her time at MIIS, Laura commented that the CBE Summer Fellow program was "invaluable" preparation for a competitive fellowship such as the Knauss program: "I spoke frequently in the Knauss interviews about my summer experience working with Spanish colleagues for UNESCO in Mozambique and the variety of challenges associated with that. I think being able to provide a practical example of a challenging professional experience at a high level went a long way."

Erich Pacheco

Erich Pacheco(MA-IEP ‘13) has been hired as International Outreach Manager for the Ocean Health Index program at Conservation International (CI). Having obtained a specialization in Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) while at MIIS, Erich’s success emphasizes CBE's effectiveness in preparing students to excel at influential marine policy organizations.

Erich Pacheco and pals in Singorokai Papua New Guinea

In Summer 2013, Erich completed a CBE fellowship with the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program in Papua New Guinea, conducting an ecosystem valuation to support community conservation and improve local livelihoods. “This experience helped me gain valuable field experience and make important connections that served me well throughout the application process at CI,” Erich said.

In his new role, Erich will help implement the Ocean Health Index, a key tool for marine conservation that goes beyond qualitative assessments. As Erich explains, “By combining current data with trends, pressures, and resilience, the index creates a standardized, quantitative, transparent, and scalable measure of ocean health through ten different goals from economic, social, and ecological dimensions.”
As for advice for current MA-IEP students, Erich offers the following: “Make the most of your language classes at MIIS; every job I was offered required proficiency in a foreign language. Be sure to use the multidisciplinary nature of your academic training. When I was at MIIS, I fused my economics background with an ocean and coastal resource management specialization." He notes that this proved critical in making the move from MIIS student to full-time conservation professional.

Cynthia Yeh

Cynthia Yeh (MA-IEP ’13) has been named Sustainability Coordinator for a sustainable seafood distribution company in San Francisco.  She supports the sales team with sustainability research and is strengthening the marketing program for their traceable seafood products. 

Cynthia Yeh working hard

Cynthia has found that  MIIS alumni are accomplished, willing to mentor, and network. Says Cynthia, “The MIIS Center for Advising and Career Services and the alumni network had a huge role in connecting me with this organization.” She noted that her school projects and work-study experience provided her the analytical, marketing and business skills she depends on every day in her new role. Cynthia’s advice for students: "Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call a stranger (of course, do your research and strategize first!)"

Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics

In 2014, the CBE will launch an online open-access journal, the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics. Dr. Charles Colgan will be Editor-in-Chief; our newly hired Managing Editor is none other than recent graduate Nancy Olsen (MA-IEP ’13). Nancy says, “I am so excited to be working for CBE as Communications Manager and the Managing Editor of a new journal.  I spent 20 years in scholarly publishing before retiring to pursue another master's degree.  This position allows me to use the knowledge I gained at MIIS to further CBE’s goals in conservation economics.  I will enjoy working on a journal again and look forward to collaborating with Dr. Colgan and others at the CBE."

State of the U.S. Ocean and Coastal Economies

Since 2009, the State of the US Ocean and Coastal Economies report produced by the NOEP has been frequently cited by government, NGO, and academic researchers. The time has come to update that report to reflect environmental and economic changes in the intervening years. Within the next several months, the CBE will produce an update to this report, including statistical summaries about the coastal economy and the ocean economy, and a new section on non-market ocean and coastal economies. The full report will be available on the NOEP web site early next year.