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CBE Waves: Autumn 2012

In April, the CBE celebrated its one year anniversary with a reception in Monterey, California. Three of our summer fellows, Adam Fullerton, Alyssum Pohl and Lisa Johnston, described their studies and internship experiences, demonstrating the transformative opportunities the program is providing our students. The following day, Dr. Jason Scorse and alumnus Alan Lovewell spoke at the 2012 TEDx Monterey conference.

Postcard from Dr. Kildow in DC: Marine debris

<p>Dr. Judy Kildow</p>

When California Congressman Sam Farr (D-Carmel) called this summer to ask me to sit on a congressional panel as a member of the CBE to provide economic information about the cost of marine debris on our shores and in our oceans, I was honored to have the opportunity to participate. This is the type of policy involvement at which the CBE excels. Congressman Farr and Congressman Don Young (R-Alaska) had introduced bipartisan legislation (HR 1171) to reauthorize the Marine Debris Research, Prevention, and Reduction Act and fund it through 2015. Marine debris is an enormous problem requiring urgent attention, yet this legislation was stuck in committee. We were able to compile critical economic data to describe the impacts of marine debris on the US economy.


In June, CBE faculty, staff, and advisors held a two day meeting to evaluate opportunities for expanding the CBE and the National Ocean Economics Program.

Together, we identified knowledge gaps that the CBE is uniquely positioned to fill, given our in-house expertise, data, and analytical tools.

  • Addressing the impacts of marine vessels on ocean and coastal ecosystems
  • Developing tools to assess the risk of mislabeled fish for seafood businesses
  • Identifying impediments to climate change planning in the U.S. coastal zone
  • Using capital markets to encourage ocean and coastal sustainability
  • Using ecomarkets to conserve coastal ecosystem services and support sustainable development

In early 2013, we will survey researchers and policymakers to learn how the NOEP web site can meet their needs. Shortly thereafter, you will see NOEP web services expand internationally to address the survey results.

Non-market data updated

Pat Johnston and Research Assistant Erich Pacheco have updated the Non-market data on the NOEP web site. They have recently added 62 studies evaluating ocean and coastal resources from all parts of the earth.

Moving on up!

<p>Center for the Blue Economy</p>

In August, the CBE moved uphill to our new offices at 472 Pierce Street. This move enables us to accommodate our new faculty and staff in one space to promote collaborative problem-solving. In our new home, the CBE can also provide meeting, study, and computer facilities for our students.


The CBE sponsors summer fellowships, providing students with real-world experience in marine policy and management with top marine organizations. This summer, those included the Environmental Defense Fund, FishWise, OneReefTobacco Caye Marine Station, UNESCO and the World Resources Institute. Our students also shared their experiences via their blogs.

<p>CBE_MIIS on twitter</p>

Alumni News

<p>Local Catch Monterey Bay</p>

Our alumni continue to excel in their chosen ventures, and to leverage their success to provide opportunities for CBE fellows.  Alan Lovewell and Oren Frey, graduates of the International Environmental Policy program, have launched Local Catch Monterey Bay, supporting the fishing community and consumers via a community supported fishery. This deceptively simple enterprise—sourcing and providing locally caught fish—is a way to address the large-scale epidemic of seafood fraud that has recently caught the attention of the general public, with the FDA and other government bodies now stepping up efforts to combat mislabeling.

Faculty and Staff

<p>Rui Zhao</p>

In September the CBE received its first two Visiting Scholars, who arrived from China. Rui Zhao is coming to us from the National Marine Data and Information Service of China's State Oceanic Administration.

<p>Jing Guo</p>

Jing Guo is a Ph.D. student majoring in Ocean Resources Management at the Ocean University of China. Jing is researching the valuation of coastal ecosystem services in Shandong, China.


<p>Dr. Stephen Hynes</p>

In October, Dr. Stephen Hynes arrived from the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Stephen holds a Ph.D. (Economics) from the National University of Ireland, Galway and a Ph.D. (Environmental Economics) from Stirling University, Scotland.

<p>Dr. Mike McGinnis</p>

In August, Dr. Michael McGinnis joined the CBE Faculty as Associate Professor in International Marine Policy. Mike's illustrious career includes many years of research and policy analysis with governmental and non-governmental organizations. Most recently, he worked with the Government of New Zealand on conservation, economic development, and fisheries issues; he was simultaneously a Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the Victoria University of Wellington. Mike has a Ph.D. in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara, where he has taught myriad classes in environmental science, environmental policy, environmental ethics, and coastal zone processes and management.

<p>Monica Galligan</p>

This spring, Monica Galligan joined the Center as Program Manager. Monica brings experience in marine studies and program management in the U.S. and Ireland, along with boundless enthusiasm for the mission of the Center. Monica has a Master of Science degree in Coastal and Watershed Science and Policy from California State University Monterey Bay.

<p>Pat Johnston</p>

Pat Johnston has joined the CBE as the full-time Data Manager. Pat is devoting his energy to updating the NOEP web site, compiling new data sets to support researchers' needs.

Pat originally joined the National Ocean Economics Program in 2003 as Information Systems Manager, responsible for all database and website development and operations. Since then, Pat has added significantly to the size and scope of the NOEP offerings, including new databases, website querying functionality, and data download capabilities.