About the CBE

“As go the oceans, so goes the world.” Right now the oceans are in crisis due to over-exploitation and degradation and the multiple threats from climate change. The Center for the Blue Economy’s (CBE) mission is to reverse this course and promote ocean and coastal sustainability.

We do this by focusing on the economic contributions of the oceans and coasts to human welfare, as well as the current economic drivers that undermine ocean health.  By demonstrating the interdependence of a strong economy and a healthy ocean, the Center aims to make stewarding the “Blue Economy” a top global priority.

The Center’s academic program educates the next generation of marine leaders, equipping them with essential interdisciplinary skills to synthesize complex information, manage diverse teams, produce original research, and help shape and direct the agenda for global marine policy and management.


The video below produced by Sea Studios Foundation describes our unique mission.

The CBE is anchored by the National Ocean Economics Program (NOEP), providing public access datasets to thousands of users each year.

Monterey Bay Otters
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