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MA Translation and Localization Management

You can be the voice of an organization, ensure worldwide project launches, and expand market share.

Localization is the process whereby software, websites, multimedia presentations, documents, or any objects are not only translated but also adapted to another culture. Employers across this $40 billion and rapidly growing industry rely on the Middlebury Institute as their go-to source for finding localization management talent. To meet this need we have developed three specializations, each requiring different levels of language expertise: translationlocalization, and management

Core Competencies

All students in the program will learn the software that enables localization, gain the skills to manage complex projects with virtual teams, develop lifelong employability, and get the real-world experience of working in a translation agency for an actual client.

Translation Specialization

  • Learn to work with a variety of translation and glossary management tools and to provide written translations, editing, and revision of translations.
  • By helping to translate and localize content into another language, you are an organization’s voice around the world.
  • Requires native or near-native abilities in both languages of study.

Localization Specialization

  • Deepen technology skills through computer programming and advanced translation management systems courses.
  • While managing translation and localization projects, you help keep projects on track and ensure worldwide project launches.
  • Requires at least Intermediate High level of proficiency in a second language.

Management Specialization

  • Strengthen business skill set through course work in finance, accounting, economics, and management.
  • You help expand an organization’s market share and mind share through careful localization program management.
  • Requires at least Intermediate High level of proficiency in a second language.

Careers and Internships

Our graduates work for private businesses, governments, and nongovernmental organizations around the world as employees or freelance consultants. Learn more about the internships and career paths our graduates have taken.

Next Steps

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