Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Student Profiles

Learn about our diverse student body and hear what they have to say about the Translation & Localization Management program in their student profiles.

Manuela Silveira

Fast Fact: Manuela is the first student of the TLM Portuguese Program.

“I see localization not only as the art of making content available in other languages, but prepared to make sense to its target audience."

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Alex Flores

Fast Fact: Alex has studied, worked and lived in many places around the world including Japan, Senegal, Belgium and Spain.

“The TLM program has really given me the freedom to study exactly what I want to...”

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Carmen Ibarra

Fast Fact: Carmen retired from the U.S. Air Force as an Airborne Linguist after 26 years of service.

“I like the fact that all the professors are active in their respective fields; in other words, they practice what they preach...”

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Magdalena Adam

Fast Fact: Magdalena has run three half marathons to date and is planning on running in the San Francisco half marathon next year.

“Most of the professors are active translators, interpreters, and localization managers, so they really know..."

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