Monterey Institute of International Studies

Learning Goals

TLM students become skilled in translation, technology and business management.

  • Project Management: Managing translation and localization workflows, developing processes and procedures, prioritizing tasks, recruiting, hiring and managing resources, and implementing computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, crowdsourcing and machine translation solutions.
  • Business Management: Proficiency in a variety of key business areas such as globalization, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, market economics, and international business strategy.
  • Localization: Expertise in using software that enables the internationalization and localization of software, video games, websites, content management systems, desktop publishing formats, subtitles and dubbing.
  • Translation: Written translation into the native language, editing and revision of translations, and work with a variety of translation and glossary management tools.
  • Communication: Ability to speak the language of everyone involved in the translation process, such as clients, translators, project managers, engineers, designers, etc.