Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Learning Goals

Learn all aspects of language as it applies to business management with the MA in Translation & Localization Management.

Project Management

  • Manage translation and localization workflows
  • Develop processes and procedures, prioritize tasks, recruit, hire and manage resources
  • Implement computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, crowdsourcing and machine translation solutions

Business Management

Become proficient in key business areas such as globalization, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, market economics, and international business strategy.


Provide expertise in using software that enables the internationalization and localization of software, video games, websites, content management systems, desktop publishing formats, subtitles and dubbing.


  • Provide written translations into the native language, editing and revision of translations
  • Work with a variety of translation and glossary management tools.


Speak the language of everyone involved in the translation process, such as clients, translators, project managers, engineers, designers, etc.