Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Our Master's in Translation and Localization Management is a 60-unit, four-semester program. The core course work trains professionals who manage translation and localization projects for global organizations and corporations.

Duration Start Dates Accelerated Programs
Credits Thesis or Practicum Language Competency
Two years, full time August 2 semesters 60 Practicum required Required


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Core Course Work

Our professional curriculum develops your technological and business skills as well as your translation skills. The course work is centered on these areas of focus:

1. Translation:

You will learn to work with a variety of translation and glossary management tools and to provide written translations, editing, and revision of translations. You will work from your B into your A language. Courses include:

  • Introduction to, Intermediate, and Advanced Translation
  • Introduction to and Advanced Computer-Assisted Translation

2. Localization:

You will learn to provide expertise in using software that enables the internationalization and localization of software, video games, websites, content management systems, desktop publishing formats, subtitles, and dubbing. Courses include:

  • Translation Management Systems
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing
  • Website Localization
  • Software and Games Localization

3. Management:

You will gain the skills to manage complex translation and localization projects and work with virtualized team members spanning the globe. You will develop your skills in budgeting, reporting, and forecasting using cutting-edge software and business processes. Some courses include:

  • Localization Project Management
  • Localization as a Profession


4. Professional Skills:

You will participate in Localization as a Profession, a career-focused course that will help prepare you for the various markets in which you may work. In conjunction with this course, your career and academic advisor will help ensure your lifelong employability by providing in-depth information and relevant guidance regarding your chosen career paths.

5. Localization Practicum:

You will gain real-world experience in the localization practicum, in which you create a translation agency with your classmates, choose nonprofit clients to work with, and explore the complexities of working together on large-scale projects.

6. Electives:

You will complete your degree with electives of your choice. You may pursue further translation course work, build your confidence in public speaking, take more management courses, or pursue electives such as:

  • Localization Sales and Solutions Development
  • Social Translation and Crowdsourcing
  • Advanced Business Applications
  • Introduction to Computer Programming with Python


Advanced (2-Semesters) Degree

We offer a 32-unit, two-semester program to students who either have a master's degree from a recognized translation and interpretation program or have two to three years or more of full-time professional experience in the field of translation and/or localization. If you are interested in this option, please contact us.


Sample Course Schedule*

Fall Start, Full Time, Four Semesters

Fall 1 15 Credits
Introduction to Translation (B-A) 4
Introduction to Computer-Assisted Technology 2
Localization Project Management 2
Management Electives 3
Other Elective Courses 4
Spring 1 15 Credits
Intermediate Translation (B-A) 4
Advanced Computer-Assisted Translation 2
Multilingual Desktop Publishing 2
Management Electives 3
Other Elective Courses 4
Fall 2 16 Credits
Research on TILM 2
Advanced Translation I B-A 4
Translation Management Systems 2
Software and Games Localization 2
Elective Courses 6
Spring 2 14 Credits
Advanced Translation II B-A 4
Localization as a Profession 2
Website Localization 2
Localization Practicum 2
Elective Courses 4


*This is a sample degree schedule. Individual student degree schedules will vary. All curricula are subject to revision and change.