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The Russian Translation and Interpretation Program is the only program in the United States that offers Master of Arts degrees in Translation and Interpretation, as well as in Translation and Localization Management in the Russian-English language combination.

About the Russian Program

People who have graduated from the Russian Program within the last 25 years are actively working as Translation and Interpretation (T&I) professionals all over the world in locations including: Hong Kong, Geneva, Moscow, Brussels, St. Petersburg, Bangkok, Washington, D.C., Houston, Palo Alto, New York, Munich, Rome, Paris, Vienna, and Beijing.

The Russian program is targeting candidates whose native language (A) is either Russian or English, and whose first foreign language (B) is either Russian or English, and is at a near-native level. During the process of a two-year-long training, our faculty and adjunct professors expose students to an intensive, demanding series of courses that gradually develop high level T&I skills including consecutive and simultaneous techniques. We mold marketable professionals ready to excel in a competitive global marketplace.

In addition to task oriented classroom sessions, the program puts a strong emphasis on current market needs in our language combination. Subjects such as the oil and gas industry, space exploration, nuclear energy, non-proliferation of WMDs, IT, and business and finance are emphasized and rigorously researched on a regular basis. This a straightforward and organic process since all of our faculty members, both permanent and adjunct, are well-known practitioners. Moreover, each course is taught by a native speaker of the target language.

The faculty, students, and alumni of the Russian T&I Program form a close-knit, supportive, global community.

Internship Opportunities

During their summer and winter breaks, students take advantage of many available internship programs. Here are just a few of the internships that students in the Russian TILM program have participated in recently:

  • Stanford Hospitals and Clinics
  • Janus Worldwide
  • Medialocate
  • Logrus


We are proud to say that graduates of the Institute's Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management programs are some of the most sought after graduates in the world. Their degrees lead to positions at many high-profile companies and organizations, including eBay, World Intellectual Property Organization, TechTrans International. and SDL.

Learn more about our graduates and employment statistics.

Faculty of the Russian Program

Adjunct Faculty

Translation of English-language journalistic, literary, and business texts and website localization. Translation of Russian-language journalistic, educational, and business texts. Interpretation for business clients. Editing, proofreading, and translation project management. Translation theory and translation/interpreting pedagogy.

Adjunct Faculty
McCone Building

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and translation of Russian and English

McCone Building 102B

Translation of Russian-language scientific and technical publications, particularly materials science and engineering; integration of translation technology into translation curricula

Professor, Program Coordinator Russian T & I
IIRC Building 6

Translation, editing, and interpreting in the Russian-English combination. Main topics I have been working with are: law enforcement, nuclear energy, space industry, entertainment industry, sports, arts and literature.

Consulting on T&I quality assessment issues, intercultural communication and related matters

Associate Professor
IIRC Building 5

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, interpreter training and education, multilingual negotiations, political and diplomatic discourse, and interpreting and technology.

Tatiana Ivanova, Picture

Featured Alum: Tatiana Ivanova


Company: Pink Giraffe
Title: Literary Translator


Tatiana Ivanova (MATI ’11) graduated from the very demanding Translation and Interpretation degree program at the Institute. As if that was not enough of a challenge, she somehow found time in between classes and assignments to work on a translation of the 1989 award-winning novel Holes by Louis Sachar into Russian.


Her translation was published by the Russian Children’s publishing house Pink Giraffe in the beginning of June, less than a month after she received her master’s degree.


Tatiana has already started translating her next book for the publishing house, Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea. Not a bad start to what is sure to be a wonderful career!