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The Portuguese Translation Program is the only program in the United States that offers a Master of Arts in Translation and Localization Management in the English to Portuguese language combination.

About the Portuguese Program

The new Master of Arts in Portuguese Translation and Localization Management (MATLM) has a curriculum that has been exclusively developed for the lusophone markets of Brazil, Portugal and Africa. With a distinctive focus on Brazil, the goal of the program is to prepare students who are interested in combining their passion and expertise in the Portuguese and English languages with project and localization management.



The ideal student is a candidate with Portuguese as a native language (A) and English as their second language (B). During the intensive two-year training, students are exposed to an intensive, demanding curriculum that gradually develops a high level of Portuguese translation, editing and proofreading skills, including a variety of assignments in different formats, such as subtitling and sight translation, which explore different aspects of translation excellence and productivity and becoming a leader in Portuguese translation, management and localization. We mold marketable professionals ready to excel in today’s competitive global marketplace.

In addition to task-oriented classroom sessions, the program puts a strong emphasis on current market needs for the Portuguese-speaking markets. Students start their first-year working on business, commercial and business projects, and continue the translation program with localization, medical, technical and scientific projects. Weekly assignments are real-world projects that come from the instructors’ experience as practicing translators and interpreters.

Mentoring and Practice

Intensive mentoring is a natural component of our small program, made possible by the fact that the all programs at the Institute are composed of instructors who are active practitioners and bring a broad range of experience to their teaching. The instructors have worked as in-house and freelance translators and interpreters, in the localization industry, as project and terminology managers. As translators, the instructors have translated websites, contracts, corporate communications, reports and other documents. They have the experience and know-how to guide students in intelligent use of technology and computer-assisted translation tools (CAT) to optimize quality, while maximizing productivity and consistency.

Lastly, we incorporate as much authentic practice as possible into coursework, so that students learn what to expect and how to behave and communicate with future clients. Portuguese translation assignments often simulate professional work performed by professors and sometimes consist of actual pro bono jobs for real clients.

Internship Opportunities

During their summer and winter breaks, students take advantage of many available internship programs. Here are just a few of the internships that students in the Portuguese TLM program have participated in recently:

  • Ccaps, Rio de Janeiro
  • Medialocate


We are proud to say that graduates of the Institute's Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management programs are some of the most sought after graduates in the world.

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Internship and Job Opportunities

The translation and localization management program connects students with internships and jobs at high-profile companies such as Apple, World Bank, and the FBI.

Portuguese TILM Faculty

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Featured Student: Manuela Silveira


Manuela Silveira, Picture

Summer Internship: Ccaps Translation & Localization, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Undergrad: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Read Manuela Silveira's full story.


Manuela began her search for a perfect internship early. In October 2012, she attended the ATA Conference, and found Ccaps, one of the largest and most prestigious translation and localization companies in Brazil. It was there that Fabiano Cid and Cassius Figueiredo, the Managing Director and the Production Director respectively, offered Manuela an internship.


Come July, Manuela found herself in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro. She began working with some high-level strategic planning discussions with Fabiano Cid himself, and administrative and financial issues with Marcelo Malamace the Financial and Administrative Director, as well as going over sales objectives and processes underway. She even got a chance to sit with one of the sales coordinators to do some cold calls!


The second week was dedicated to learning the details and mechanics of internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) and brushing up on important concepts in project management; all of this directly with Cassius. She then had the opportunity to spend some time with the localization engineering team and the vendor management and QA team to understand their specific processes. The following weeks were spent side-by-side with the project managers, taking part in various projects.


Reflecting upon her summer internship, Manuela says “They literally ‘kill a lion a day,' as we would say in Portuguese. Words cannot express my gratitude to the Ccaps team for giving me this opportunity and for the richness of the learning experience that was offered to me.”