Spanish Community Interpreting Specialization

Students pursuing the Spanish T&I degree track may want to add a 10-unit specialization focusing on legal, medical, educational, and social service interpreting to their studies.

This specialization is designed to complement the T&I degree track with professional and linguistic knowledge needed for the fields of legal, medical, social service and educational interpreting.  Courses are offered during the J-term (January) and during an intensive 6-week summer session, culminating in preparation for the court and medical certification exams.

To enroll in the specialization, please contact Professor Holly Mikkelson at

If you are not enrolled in one of our degree programs, but are interested in this type of professional work, please see information on our Spanish Community Interpreting Graduate Certificate program.

Spanish Community Interpreting Specialization Curriculum

January (J-Term)

Community Interpreting as a Profession 

History, controlling laws and regulations, professional ethics and standards, role of the interpreter in different settings, client relations, job market

Medical Concepts and Terminology

Anatomy, organ systems, diseases, symptoms, medical specialties, diagnostic methods & devices, insurance & billing, administrative procedures & protocols, biomedical culture 

Legal Concepts and Terminology

Court system, criminal & civil procedure and related terms, criminal offenses, specialized terms (criminalistics, drugs, firearms)

Summer Session

Written & Sight Translation of Medical Text E><S

Instructions (prescriptions, pre-op, discharge, etc.), simple consent forms, reports

Written & Sight Translation of Legal Texts E><S

Court forms, reports (police, probation, forensic), instructions, affidavits, complaints, personal documents 

Social Services & Education Interpreting E><S

Consecutive interpreting of interviews, counseling sessions, parent-teacher meetings, simultaneous interpreting of public meetings, consultations, disciplinary hearings

Medical Interpreting E><S

Dialog interpreting of medical encounters, simultaneous interpreting of meetings, consultations, instructional sessions 

Legal Interpreting E><S

Consecutive interpreting of interviews and testimony, simultaneous interpreting of arraignments, motions, trial proceedings and testimony 

Certification Exam Prep

Part #1 Mock Medical Certification Exam

Part #2 Mock Court Certification Exam