Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Professional Certification

Interpretation Classroom

Students from Professor Olsen's class prepare for their next interpreting assignment.

The Institute sets challenging professional standards for students.

A Leader in the Field

MIIS is the only school in the United States that has set up a comprehensive professional exam system as a means to certify the professional readiness of our graduates for the professional market. At the end of their studies here in Monterey, students are required to take professional exams in translation, consecutive interpretation and/or simultaneous interpretation depending on their degree tracks. Students who successfully pass the professional exams will be granted a Professional Exam Certificate, which indicates the exams passed and the language combinations of the student as defined by international professional organizations, such as AIIC.

Spanish Community Interpreting Graduate Certificate

For those interested in careers in legal, medical, social service and educational interpreting, we offer a hybrid onsite/online certificate program which prepares participants to take court and medical certification exams.