Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

MA in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy

You can create opportunities that promote development and reduce poverty. Earn your degree in three semesters.

Our three-semester International Trade and Economic Diplomacy program develops highly skilled international trade and economic policy professionals fully prepared to work productively in the rapidly changing global marketplace. Our graduates work with businesses, government, and NGOs on the world’s most pressing international trade and diplomacy matters.

The program, beginning with intensive training and courses in Monterey, and ending with a semester in Washington, D.C., prepares students to pursue careers in international trade and economic diplomacy.

Students gain a deep understanding of policy analysis and trade negotiations, and course work is presented in the context of real-world and current issues.

The Impact of International Trade

Countries that restrict foreign trade and investment may avoid foreign exploitation, but they consistently remain desperately poor. International trade creates opportunities that promote development and reduce poverty.

News Stories

Mike Nunes

Works for: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Title: Director, Asia Business Development and Policy

"Through MIIS I was exposed to a diverse and wide network of trade policy professionals, many of whom were instrumental in helping me to launch my trade career. The unique curriculum with its mix of policy and business analysis provided the necessary tools. My MIIS experience was the foundation for my international affairs career."

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Xiaomeng Lu

Works for: Information Technology Industry Council

Title: Director, Global Policy

Xiaomeng received her Masters in International Trade Policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

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Jennifer Sanford

Works for: Cisco, in the Government Affairs Department in Washington, DC.

Job Title: Senior Manager of International Trade & Energy Policy 

“My experience at MIIS was excellent: (a) academically, because I could continue my advanced studies in French, with relevant content and expert instruction, (b) professionally, because I came to my career prepared and oriented towards addressing global issues, and (c) personally, since many of my closest and most intimate friends are classmates at MIIS and from ongoing interactions with MIIS students and faculty in the intervening years.”

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Vladimir Gololobov

Works for: Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

Title: Director of International

"I was glad to have Monterey as my alma mater due to its diverse, international student body. I was also fortunate to intersect with some of the most of inspiring commercial diplomacy professors who shared their valuable practical skills, shaped me as a professional, and helped me navigate exceptional career opportunities."

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