Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Meet Our Program Chair

A letter from Robert A. Rogowsky, International Trade and Economic Diplomacy program chair:

You likely are visiting this website because you’re searching for the skills to survive in today’s complex, rapidly evolving, and competitive global marketplace. The master’s in trade and economic diplomacy (ITED) is carefully designed to give you the knowledge, tools, experience, and network you need to thrive.

A New Degree with a Rich Heritage

ITED is new and yet has a deep and impressive heritage. ITED revitalizes a unique program that top U.S. trade negotiators developed here at the Middlebury Institute in the late 1990s. It trained a generation of rising stars in government, business, and civil society. Our graduates of 10 years ago are now in leadership positions in the U.S. Trade Representative’s office, government ministries, and embassies from many nations. They are rising rapidly in international organizations and can be found working as strategic planners, industry representatives, and managers in Fortune 500 companies and major global consulting firms, as well as start-ups. They are leaders in NGOs and development agencies around the world.

An Intense Focus On Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

As an MIIS graduate, you’ll learn the art of diplomacy, economic statecraft, government relations, and advocacy. You’ll understand global financial markets, as well as the international institutions and laws governing the global trading system. You will, in addition, carry with you executive-level capability in professional communication, writing, and leadership. You’ll develop highly marketable quantitative and language skills.

To make this experience as robust and hands-on as possible, we offer the first two semesters in Monterey, California—close to Silicon Valley and in the midst of the rich agricultural region of Salinas Valley. This is one of the most active and exciting trading regions in the world. The third and final semester is in Washington D.C.—the nerve center for trade and diplomacy. Your classrooms will include the halls of Congress, meeting rooms of government, think tanks, embassies, and international organizations like the World Bank and Organization of American States. You’ll have hands-on experience with professionals working in the fields of statecraft, diplomacy, trade negotiation, policy advocacy, export control, trade promotion, compliance, and dispute resolution.

We welcome your interest. Please contact us if you have questions or want to discuss a future in global commerce, public policy, or diplomacy.

Robert A. Rogowsky
Program Chair