Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

MA in International Trade & Economic Diplomacy

We educate students to be leaders and policy makers equipped to launch successful international careers in international trade, diplomacy, and economic policy. This program is offered for enrollment beginning in the fall of 2015.

The MA in International Trade & Economic Diplomacy Program

Our MA in International Trade & Economic Diplomacy develops highly skilled international trade and economic policy professionals fully prepared to work productively in the rapidly changing global marketplace. Our graduates work with businesses, government and NGOs on the world's most pressing international trade and diplomacy matters.

As a student in this program you will gain a deep understanding of policy analysis and trade negotiations as well as the opportunity to focus on one of three tracks in the trade and economic diplomacy program: business, government, or civil society.

The program takes 18 months to complete, starting with intensive training in Monterey in the late summer, and continuing on with courses in the fall, winter, and spring. The final fall semester takes place in Washington, D.C., and prepares students to pursue careers in international trade and economic diplomacy. 

The Monterey Experience

As a student of trade and economic diplomacy, you will enter the program with a cohort in the fall, forming a team that will work together throughout your time in the master's program. You will participate in a series of workshop sessions designed to build key skills relevant to the trade and diplomacy realms. These skills will also be applied in your courses and projects.  Session topics will cover "Introduction to Economic Diplomacy"; "Professional Communications"; and, "Effective Team Building", among others. This training will position you for success in the degree program and will prepare you to excel in any professional setting.

In the fall, winter term, and spring semester you will undertake an intensive program of academic coursework covering trade theory and practice, quantitative methods for trade policy, economic diplomacy, trade laws and institutions, as well as advanced foreign language and intercultural communication.

The Washington, D.C. Experience

During your final fall semester, you will be in Washington, D.C., taking part in pragmatic courses and hands-on experiences that focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for a career in international trade and economic diplomacy.

This is an experience at the center of the trade universe. You will attend congressional hearings, administrative and regulatory meetings, sessions at world-class think tanks, conferences and MIIS-organized courses and workshops that will highlight premier scholars and practitioners that dominate Washington.

As a student in this program, you will have access to professionals and experts in U.S. trade policy. Equally valuable, you will be able to connect with high-level officials and trade practitioners from across major trading nations, as well as multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank.

The Washington, D.C. Experience offers an extraordinary opportunity for practical training, networking and working on projects with professionals in your chosen field in D.C. This exposure will give you a critical platform from which to enter a career in international trade and economic diplomacy.

Careers in International Trade & Diplomacy

Graduates of the program are rigorously prepared for careers across a broad spectrum of international commerce and policy. They will be prepared for leadership within a variety of organizations, including government with agencies like the Department of Commerce, Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Trade Representative, and for the Foreign Service. Graduates also find opportunities in intergovernmental organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the OECD, the World Intellectual Property Organization, as well as Trade Ministries around the world.

Our graduates possess the knowledge, skills and abilities that will make them exceptionally attractive to private businesses such as Apple, GE and Cisco, and NGOs such as the Chamber of Commerce, Oxfam and the US-China Business Council.

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