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The Middlebury Institute partners with WorldTeach to give students the opportunity to gain real-world teaching experience while earning a Master of Arts in TESOL.

Available to incoming students, the Institute’s TESOL/WorldTeach program allows you to teach in a variety of exciting locations and settings worldwide. While attaining a degree from the Institute and completing WorldTeach service, students apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to real-life teaching settings.

How It Works

  1. TESOL/WorldTeach students enroll for two semesters at the Middlebury Institute campus to complete core TESOL courses.
  2. TESOL/WorldTeach students then fulfill either one semester or one year of WorldTeach service. The service period is preceded by 3–4 weeks of teacher training and language and culture immersion with WorldTeach.
  3. Upon completion of service, TESOL/WorldTeach students return to the Institute campus for one final semester (or two if completing a specialization).

The WorldTeach Programs

WorldTeach programs vary by country. In many cases, volunteers live with host families, and housing/food is included in the program costs.

The Institute will work with the student and WorldTeach to ensure that the assignment supports our degree studies and the mission of WorldTeach.

Middlebury Institute Scholarship for Successful Completion of WorldTeach

Returned WorldTeach volunteers are guaranteed a half-tuition scholarship for their final semester of study. The scholarship is dependent upon successful completion of the WorldTeach service. Students may also apply for merit scholarships and financial aid for their studies at the Institute prior to WorldTeach service.

WorldTeach Program Costs

Some country partners are willing and able to generously fund all costs, thus eliminating the volunteer commitment completely. However, the majority of countries and schools that most need WorldTeach help cannot afford to cover all of the costs associated with supporting a volunteer teacher overseas. If the host country is unable to fund the entire placement, the volunteer is responsible for the remaining costs. This is why each country program has a different fee. Find more information on country-specific costs.

Admission Requirements and Applications

Prospective students need to apply to the Institute and WorldTeach separately.

1. Applying to the Institute

2. Applying to WorldTeach

Students admitted to the Middlebury Institute Master of Arts in TESOL may apply to WorldTeach before beginning their degree program or while enrolled during their first year in the program and should check application dates carefully on the WorldTeach website.

In order to participate in WorldTeach, students need to have successfully completed the following courses prior to their service:

  • Principles and Practices of Language Teaching 1
  • Principles and Practices of Language Teaching 2
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Language Analysis
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Structure of English
  • Language Assessment
  • Second Language Acquisition


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