Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
How long does it take between the time you finish your application and being notified about your country posting?

According to the Peace Corps website, the application process takes an average of 6 to 12 months from start to finish. The longest and most frustrating piece tends to be obtaining medical clearance, depending on your particular medical history and needs. The more medical conditions you report having experienced on your initial application, the more medical forms you will be required to complete (and depending on the conditions, the more exams and appointments you may have to undergo). For this reason, you may wish to report only those conditions that have affected you significantly, and that may return or continue to affect you in your term of service. (To give an example, if you report having visited a mental health counselor one time 15 years ago when a traumatic event happened in your life, you will have to visit a psychologist for evaluation as part of your clearance process, which could be costly in terms of both time and money.) It is important to finish your medical clearance process as quickly as possible, because only after that will Peace Corps begin looking for a suitable placement for you, which could take a considerable amount of time depending on your medical needs, your civil status (married placements take longer), and your preferences. Try to be patient during this waiting period, keeping in mind that the longer it takes, the better fit your placement might be!