Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Can I enroll in courses at the Institute while I am a Peace Corps volunteer abroad?

If you are not a current the Institute graduate student, it is not possible to take courses while you are a Peace Corps volunteer. However, some of the PCMI students who have already been accepted to MIIS and have completed at least one semester of coursework on campus can choose to do their Practicum teaching in the Peace Corps. This decision lightens the load in their final semester, even though they still enroll in the MIIS Practicum course. In addition, during the two-year Peace Corps period, students can complete up to four units of graduate work by doing their regular Peace Corps duties and documenting them in reports and research projects submitted to the TESOL PCMI advisor.  These four units can be counted as elective credits toward the TESOL MA degree, and the tuition for up to two of these units will be waived.