Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
What kinds of positions and sites are generally open to MIIS PCMI candidates from the Institute while they are in the Peace Corps?

TESOL PCMI assignments in the past have included primarily secondary school or university EFL teaching positions and EFL teacher training positions. Sometimes MIIS volunteers have served both of those functions. Less commonly, some volunteers have been assigned to youth development positions, which include English teaching for youth and/or teacher training components. Because of the training you receive in your first year at MIIS, you can expect that your Peace Corps in-country directors will want to place you at the sites that require the most knowledge and expertise.

Of course, teaching or teacher training constitutes your primary responsibility. Secondary assignments or projects (generally required in Peace Corps assignments) are dependent upon your skills and interests as well as particular community needs, and may well lie outside the field of education altogether. Some examples of such secondary projects are writing grant proposals for a variety of community needs, working in an orphanage, fund-raising, running summer camps for young people, starting a library, becoming involved in community environmental protection actions, translating and interpreting for local organizations, coaching sports teams, and forming music and theatre groups. Peace Corps volunteers have also worked in AIDS education, environmental education, gender and development, small income generation, Earth Day activities, etc.