The PCMI degree begins with a year of coursework in Monterey.  The Peace Corps student then leaves for his/her overseas assignment (earning credits while away, if so desired!), and returns to Monterey upon completion of Peace Corps service to complete the degree.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Peace Corps Assignment Semester 3
Principles & Practices (3) Curriculum Design (3) While overseas on Peace Corps Assignment, students may earn elective credits by working on projects in guidance with the MIIS Peace Corps Advisor.  Most students will also complete their Practicum teaching while teaching and training overseas.


Practicum (3)
Introduction to Observation (1) Structure of English (3) Portfolio Preparation (1)
Language Analysis (3) Language Assessment (3) Applied Linguistics Research (2)
Sociolinguistics (3) Second Language Acquisition (4) Electives (2-4)
Educational Research (3) Recommended: Language Teacher Education (2)

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