Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

The annual Leo van Lier Lecture Series was established in 2013 to honor the memory of long-time Institute professor, Leo van Lier, who passed away on December 23, 2012.

Remembering TESOL/TFL Professor Leo van Lier

Professor Leo van Lier, Picture

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The Leo van Lier Lecture Series brings pre-eminent scholars in the fields of applied and educational linguistics to campus each year to address faculty and graduate students regarding current topics and issues in applied and educational linguistics and in language education.

Upcoming Lecture

Kim Potowski

Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics

University of Illinois at Chicago

Teaching Heritage Speakers: Pedagogical and Administrative Considerations

This talk covers important issues about teaching language to heritage speakers. What makes these students different from foreign language learners? What placement procedures, instructional approaches, and materials are most appropriate in working with heritage speakers? And why is this information important for all teachers across the U.S.?

2015 Speakers

Eileen Glisan

Eileen GlisanProfessor of Spanish and Foreign Language Education

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Crossing the Border: Helping Students Reach Advanced-Level Proficiency

Patsy Duff

Patsy DuffProfessor of Language and Literacy Education

University of British Columbia

Academic Language and Literacy Socialization for English Language Learners

Previous Speakers

Suresh Canagarajah

Suresh Canagarajah, Picture

Professor of Applied Linguistics & English
Pennsylvania State University

Towards Pedagogies of Translingual Practice

Aida Walqui-Van Lier

Aidawalqui, Picture

Teacher Professional Development Program

Redesigning the K-12 TESOL Profession

Elana Shohamy

Elana Shohamy, Picture

Professor of Language Education
School of Education

Tel Aviv University

Linguistic Landscape: A lens for documenting, analyzing, and critically interpreting societies

Adrian Wurr

Adrian Wurr, Picture

Assistant Dean
Academic English Programs
University of Tulsa

Service-Learning in Language Learning Contexts: From Classroom to Community, Theory to Practice

George Bunch

George Bunch, Picture

Associate Professor of Education
University of California
Santa Cruz

Pedagogical Language Knowledge: Preparing Teachers for English Learners in the New Common Standards Era

Lourdes Ortega

Department of Linguistics
Georgetown University

How Useful is Instructed SLA Research for Teachers, and What Does Epistemological Diversity Have to Do with It?

Bev Derewianka

Director of TESOL
University of Wollongong, Australia

Getting Personal: Using language to engage with readers to express feelings, persuade others to our point of view, judge peoples' behavior, and moderate our expression of attitude

Shirley Brice Heath

Brown University
Stanford University

Moving the Human Eye and Mind: Visual, Musical, and Literary Arts in Grounding Cognition

Bonnie Norton

Professor of Language and Literacy Education
University of British Columbia, Canada

The Practice of Theory in the Language Classroom

Maricel Santos

Assistant Professor of English
San Francisco State University

In Search of a Common Vocabulary: Strengthening Partnerships in Health Literacy for Improved Immigrant Health

Eve Zyzik

Associate Professor of Spanish
University of California, Santa Cruz

Focus on Form and Authentic Texts: A Compatibility Check

Marc Kaiser

Associate Director of the Berkeley Language Center and Lecturer in Russian at UC Berkeley

Integrating Film Clips into the Foreign Language Curriculum

B. Kumaravadivelu

Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL
San Jose State University, California

Individual Identity in the Age of Cultural Globalization