TESOL Advanced Entry

TESOL student teaching

TESOL student Andrew Santos teaches local high school students Japanese during International Education Day at the Monterey Institute. Photo by sarspri.

Prerequisite Coursework

The ideal candidate for this advanced-entry program has already completed coursework toward a TESOL specialization or degree.

Advanced Entry Curriculum

This 30-unit MATESOL degree can be completed in three academic semesters: with a typical course load of 12-13 units in each of the first two semesters and 5-7 units in the final semester.

Upon meeting with our Academic Advisor, a course sequence which complements your previous coursework will be determined.  In order to be considered, the previous coursework must have been completed within the past five years with a grade of B (3.0) or higher. Assuming previous TESOL coursework has included language pedagogy and introduction to linguistics, an advanced entry program might include:

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester