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Peace Corps Master's International Program in Environmental Policy

Bonnie Holman, IEP 2011 with Peace Corps El Salvador

IEP Alumna Bonnie Holman with Peace Corps El Salvador.

Combine your master's degree in environmental policy with Peace Corps service through the Peace Corps Master's International Program (PCMI).

Last Chance

The Peace Corps is retiring its Master’s International graduate school program. Students beginning PCMI by fall 2016 will still be able to participate. If you are interested, please apply to the Institute before July 10, our final deadline for a fall 2016 start.

Peace Corp Master's International (PCMI) Program in Environmental Policy

The PCMI program uniquely prepares students to fulfill challenging Peace Corps field assignments in developing countries. While attaining a degree from the Institute and carrying out the Peace Corps mission, students will gain skills needed to become an effective leader in environmental education and/or resource conservation efforts.

How It Works

  1. PCMI students enroll for two semesters on the MIIS campus in Monterey to complete core environmental policy courses, focused electives and foreign language requirements.
  2. PCMI students then fulfill 27 months of Peace Corps service (3 months of training in country followed by 24 months of service).
  3. Upon completion of service, most PCMI students return to MIIS campus to fulfill the remainder of credits requirements for graduation.

The Peace Corps Assignment

Volunteers work with local communities and organization to protect the environment through various projects addressing needs such as alternative energy sources, water supply, forest conservation, wildlife protection, and park management. Typical projects might include:

  • Establishing a conservation plan for a local natural resource
  • Conducting a project needs assessment
  • Creating a conservation project management plan
  • Developing economic tools and strategies for sustainable livelihoods
  • Managing an environmental education project

The Institute will work with the student and the Peace Corps to ensure that the assignment supports the degree studies and the mission of the Peace Corps. During their Peace Corps service, students maintain contact with MIIS faculty for advising on projects and research.

Scholarships Available to PCMI Students

Returned PCMI students are guaranteed a half-tuition scholarship for their final semester of study. The scholarship is dependent upon successful completion of the Peace Corps assignment. Students may also apply for merit scholarships and financial aid for their studies at the Institute prior to Peace Corps service.

Admission Requirements & Applications

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