Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Students from the MPA - Master of Public Administration program come from all walks of life, each bringing unique experiences and insights into the classroom.

Class of 2017

Conner AndersonConner Anderson

I’m originally from Texas, but before coming to the Middlebury Institute I worked with City Year, an AmeriCorps Educational Nonprofit, in Denver, Colorado. I have been studying Russian, and I plan to serve in the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe as part of my degree program.

Spencer ChappellSpencer Chappell

As part of the Peace Corps Masters International Program, I plan to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer following my studies on campus. After the Peace Corps, I'd like to pursue a career in development, live abroad, and work toward French fluency. Following my experience as a Teacher's Assistant in an Adult ESL class in New York City, I realized my passion for promoting educational opportunity in developing countries. Working in education policy will provide a platform to positively impact entire communities, as well as individual children, allowing me to influence change, while still retaining personal connections with those I serve.

Rachel DickensonRachel Dickenson

Before coming to Monterey, I completed my undergraduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in Global Studies and French. I studied abroad for a year in Montpellier, France, and interned in both Montpellier and Paris. After graduating, I traveled and worked as a nanny before getting a full time job as a Bilingual Customer Service Representative for Pepsi. After graduating I will go into the Peace Corps as part of my degree. When I complete my service I would like to work for an international non-profit organization, working with underprivileged and at-risk youth and adults.

Daniele ElizaireDaniele Elizaire

I completed my Undergraduate Studies at Drew University in Behavioral Science and Spanish. Following graduation I was a non-profit coordinator. Some of my background includes Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Juvenile Justice System, coalition building, and health reform. My most recent experience was in a bilingual primary school in Spain. After I complete my studies, I would like to work for mission driven international organizations and non-governmental organizations dealing with social justice.

Lizzie FalconerLizzie Falconer

Before coming to Monterey I was leading service learning trips for high school students in Latin America. I have extensive experience working with small community development non-profits in Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic. I am interested in how access to health care, education and small business opportunities can improve the well being of rural communities all over the world. I would like to work in a collaborative, internationally focused environment where I can put my cross-cultural communication skills to good use.

Kalab FrisbyKalab Frisby

Before coming to the Institute I finished my undergraduate studies in International Studies. I also spent more than a year in Ecuador as an in-country director of a nonprofit. After I graduate, I would like to continue working with a nonprofit the deals with human rights. I am passionate about cross-cultural communication and understanding, and fighting poverty.

Keelie FrisbyKeelie Frisby

I completed my undergraduate degree in Political Science with a language emphasis in French and Russian. I then learned Spanish when I spent a little over a year in Quito, Ecuador as a director of a non-profit organization that works with orphans. I want to help make the world a better place for current and future generations. In the future I would love work for a non-profit or think-tank doing policy evaluation. I am specifically interested in human rights and public policy. I also expect to start my own non-profit that ensures better education for children in South America.

Emily HembreeEmily Hembree

Before coming to Monterey, I completed my undergraduate studies in International Studies, and I then lived in China to teach ESL for a year for a non-profit organization. My hope is to work with non-profits advocating for orphans between the States and China. I have been very passionate about this field for many years and hope to do my part in promoting the care and long-term sustainability for children in need all throughout China by connecting them with families internationally.

Alexandria JonesAlexandria Jones

I’m originally from Fresno, but before coming to the Middlebury Institute, I traveled and worked in France for a few months. My second language is French. I am passionate about traveling, and I’d like to use the skills and knowledge I gain here at the Institute to create social change organizations in the world.

Varsha KothariVarsha Kothari

I am from India, and there I completed my Masters in Business Administration and then worked with a nonprofit for 5 years before coming to the Institute. I would like to work with an international organization involved with women empowerment and community development. My passion is to work for the development of the female section of society back home and totally remove the misconception "because I am a girl."

Andrew LarsonAndrew Larson

Before coming to Monterey, I attended Middlebury College in Vermont. I finished my undergrad in May 2015 and spent the summer traveling in Spain and working at a state park. After I complete my degree, I hope to work for the State Department or in the intelligence community. I would like to live in Central or South America or Spain, as I’d like to prefect my Spanish. I am passionate about learning about other cultures and languages.

Chelsea LavalleeChelsea Lavallee

I completed my Undergraduate degree in Montreal at McGill University focusing on English Literature and Political Science. From there I followed my heart to Nepal where I interned for a Woman's Empowerment NGO working with Dalit women and girls to improve education, entrepreneurial programs and public health initiatives. For the next two years I taught English in France as part of the TAPIF program in the Aquitaine region. In 2015 I worked as an International Student Officer at an English language school in Boston, helping international students with education and career readiness and advising as a trained DSO. I’d like to continue to work on education issues specifically for women and girls in the developing world. I also hope to work in a francophone environment where I can continue to hone my French proficiency. I am passionate about education because I believe that it has the ability to create lasting change.

Justin LozaJustin Loza

Before coming to Monterey, I was in the U.S Air Force for six years. Toward the end of my enlistment I began college at Stockton University. I received a B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. After college I worked for two years in the field of Business Development for a successful Cyber Security company, VariQ. After I graduate, I want to lead an organization whose mission positively impacts the lives of people across the globe. Globalization has accelerated social change in all societies; I want to help ensure that process is peaceful and equitable for all.

Diana MolodiloDiana Molodilo

I’m from Moldova, so before coming to Monterey, I completed my undergraduate studies at Moldova State University in International Relations. Then I worked for 5 years at Moldova State University, teaching Conflict Resolution. In 2009 I joined the military and started to work for Ministry of Defense. I am interested in working for UN (Department for Peacekeeping Operations). My passion is promoting gender equality in security and defense sectors. I mainly want to increase women participation in peacekeeping operations. I think this will make a big change.

Steven PerleSteven Perle

I graduated from California State University Chico with distinction in May 2015. After I complete my graduate degree, I would like to serve in the Peace Corps, and then move on in my career to join an NGO, IGO, or the US State Department. I pride myself on being able to understand and adapt to different situations in problem solving settings.

Karla PiacentiniKarla Piacentini

After graduating with a B.A. degree in Spanish and Bilingual/Multicultural Education, I went into the Peace Corps to serve as an English teacher and maternal health coordinator. Among my many professional aspirations, I would really enjoy working with a development organization to establish programs directly related to youth health and education. An eventual post with the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer working on scholarship and grants allocation is also an aspiration of mine. I always push for social justice and equality.

Tamara RaganTamara Ragan

After living in Okinawa, Japan my entire life, I moved to Conway, Arkansas for college. In May, I finished my undergraduate degree in International Relations at Hendrix College. I traveled extensively all over the world in the summers. After I graduate I want to work in South or Central America, and my passion is working to promote gender equality and sustainable living.

Lara SibiLara Sibi

I graduated with a Bachelors of Professional Studies in Business Management, Specialization in Accounting from Cazenovia College. After graduating I returned to my internship site at the Javits Convention Center in NY as an Exhibitor Solutions Representative. I would like to work for a nonprofit organization like Pencils of Promise, which provides access to education in global south countries. I work to live, and not live to work. I've always sought after opportunities that create a lasting impact on the community, primarily through the power of education.

Sarah TerherstSarah Terherst

I spent the last year living in Ivory Coast working on Ebola response initiatives and SME support for entrepreneurs in Liberia. After I graduate from the Middlebury Institute, I want to work for a NGO in West Africa as a Project Manager for a sustainable development project. I love working in international development because you can see the impact your work makes first hand. People have disposable income, access to clean water, improved nutrition, etc. It's the most challenging thing and rewarding thing you can ever do.

Ariel WatkinsAriel Watkins

I graduated from UCLA with a degree in history. After that, I worked at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, where I planned fundraising and awareness events. Realizing that I wanted to work internationally, I moved to rural Tanzania through WorldTeach, and taught English for a year and a half. After graduation, I want to live in either Africa or South America, working at an NGO that promotes educational equality for women and girls. I am passionate about international women's rights, as well as the environment.

Katy WilsonKaty Wilson

Before moving back home to California for studies at the Institute I taught English and Anglophone culture at an engineering school in Reims, France. I studied French and Hispanic studies at Boston College and studied abroad in Bordeaux, France; Strasbourg, France, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. After I graduate I want to draw upon my experience facilitating cultural exchange through international education and language-learning programs. It's important to me that the programs I work with or eventually develop be better equipped to teach intercultural understanding and inclusion.

Ayako YamadaAyako Yamada

Before I came to Monterey, I was working at the Japanese Consulate in Chicago, administrating various exchange programs (JET, Kizuna, Kakehashi, MEXT Scholarships) and promoting Japanese language educations and Japanese studies. I attended many Japanese festivals and fun events throughout the Midwest! In the future, I would like to work in the higher education field, promoting foreign language education and study abroad, and bridging gap between faculty members, administrators, and students.

Akimi Yano-ManzanoAkimi Yano-Manzano

Before coming to the Institute, I completed my BA in international relations at Ritsumeikan University in Japan. I am from Japan, but I have lived in different countries and learned French, Spanish, English and Chinese. After I complete my studies here, I want to work in development and conflict resolution in Africa. I'm passionate about learning new languages and cultures. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world.

Class of 2016

Katie BarthelowKatie Barthelow

Prior to coming to Monterey, I developed and managed service learning programs for Chicago Public Schools, lived and taught in Panama, and worked at a Seattle-based immigration law firm managing family-based waiver petitions. I'm particularly interested in leadership development, education abroad, and network building. My passion is people; young people, in particular. To me, successful youth work happens when high expectations, informed learning, and goofiness converge, creating meaningful relationships and the capacity to work together toward change.

Alex BrandesAlex Brandes

Before coming to Monterey, I served with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic as a health extension volunteer. I worked with a partnering organization, Partners in Health, in health education, health promoter training, and local capacity building projects. After graduation I would like to help communities and organizations with development needs by capacity building and program evaluation. I have interests working in public health, poverty reduction and refugee and/or displaced communities.

Annie BroganAnnie Brogan

Before coming to Monterey I earned a Master's of Library and Information Science and worked as a special collections librarian in the Greater Philadelphia region. I specialized in the history of medicine and most recently worked at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, home of the Mutter Museum. I want to work with underserved and vulnerable populations in the United States. Issues of power, identity, and historical context and how they relate to access to social services is something I would like to explore more deeply in my career.

Khatab CissokhoKhatab Cissokho

I love to educate and deal with people. My passion is to be successful in whatever project I put myself in. I believe that success is a progressive realization of a worthy goal. I would like to work for the United Nations in their different organizations like UNESCO, Unicef, UNAids etc. - or to have a job working at an NGO dealing with education in Africa or Europe.

April DanylukApril Danyluk

Before coming to Monterey I worked in education for nine years in a variety of settings. I taught in Nepal and South Korea.  I also studied performing arts and clowning. No joke. I want to find meaningful and challenging work that is compatible with my husband's career abroad. I am passionate about lifelong learning.

Sophie DresserSophie Dresser

I have a B.A. in International Political Economy focusing on Spanish with minors in Leadership Studies and Interactive Journalism from College of Idaho. My research focused on donor dependency related to NGO capacity. Before coming to Monterey, I worked for a substance abuse prevention nonprofit in Boise, Idaho. My passion is working hard and seeing results. I am a huge proponent of utilizing resources to generate the most impact.

Ashleigh EdelsohnAshleigh Edelsohn

Prior to coming to Monterey, I taught English in Be'er Sheva, Israel for a year. After returning to the US, I knew I had to pursue a Masters degree (and eventually, a career) in international development and education. I would love to work for an NGO that specializes in girls' education in developing countries. I am also hoping to visit Iceland one day to see the puffins! My passion is education for all children - especially girls. After working in a school with many refugee and immigrant children, I want to know that they and others like them will have not only the right, but the unobstructed access to at least a secondary education.

Aileen EvansAileen Evans

Before the Middlebury Institute, I spent two years in southern France, first teaching in a high school and then developing an English program at an elementary school the following year. I want to work in education abroad, promoting student mobility and supporting American students pursuing study and work in foreign countries. I am passionate about building relationships and making cross-cultural connections through study and work abroad.

Yuki GotoYuki Goto

My interest in social development began when I was a student at United World College (UWC). Living with students from a hundred different nations including refugees was where I first became aware of the needs of small, “forgotten” countries. Since then I have studied international development. Experience has taught me that “just wanting to help” is not enough, education on how to best support the growth and development of children living within countries that are developing or are in crisis is a requirement.

Alcide Guillory IIIAlcide Guillory III

Before coming to the Middlebury Institute I enjoyed small town life as a JET Program Assistant Language Teacher in Utashinai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan for 5 years. I worked with kindergartners, elementary school students, and middle school students, helping with their studies and generally making their school day more entertaining. I hope to either work in Japan or work with organizations that have a connection to Japan. Really though, so long as my work can make a difference in the lives of children in any country, I would be quite satisfied with my job.

Tobias JoelTobias Joel

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, where I worked on community agro-forestry projects before coming to Monterey. Also, I worked as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Indonesia. My passion is the tolerance-building power of global education. If I could only share single moment of that passion through my work it would be that moment when, immersed in another culture, I deeply sensed that there are many different but equally sincere ways to live our lives.

Allison NewmanAllison Newman

After working in hospital administration at the Children's Hospital of Colorado post undergrad I took 6 months off and traveled around the U.S. I am interested in project management in the international education and/or public health fields. I want to help others who want help, I do not want to impose my ideas on others or make them do things they do not want to do.

Brian PeckrillBrian Peckrill

For two years I lived in Japan and taught English via the JET Program. Following that, I served as an international student recruiter at Brandeis University. I would like to work in government or the nonprofit sector, connecting international students and young professionals to the US. I am passionate about basketball - and connecting individuals through education and breaking down perceived cultural differences.

Laura PrestonLaura Preston

I am passionate about transforming the way people see each other and themselves in this world, and how you can use education as a tool for a better sense of identity. I have worked abroad as an English teacher on Reunion Island, Russia, Italy, and Switzerland. After graduation I would like to work on education development projects around the world, connecting and empowering teachers.

Stephanie RosenbaumStephanie Rosenbaum

I have authored two novels, lived in Italy and worked as a program administrator in the Monterey area. I would like to work at a higher education institution facilitating travel and study abroad experiences, and then helping students take what they gained from those experiences into the rest of their life. I'm passionate about traveling, helping others to learn what they're passionate about and always learning new things. 

Shea UlibarriShea Ulibarri

Prior to the Middlebury Institute, I worked as a Data Analyst for Ancestry.com and an Outreach Mentor for GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs). I want to build a career in program evaluation for organizations involved in alleviating chronic malnutrition. My areas of interest are Central and South America. I am passionate about fostering self-reliance and relieving suffering in the developing world.