International Marketing

Our MBA program will prepare you for a marketing career in a world with fluctuating trade patterns, emerging frontier markets with growing middle classes, and rapid evolution of social media tools that can reach millions of viewers.

International Marketing Careers

Students specializing in International Marketing take courses through the MBA program, and may further tailor their specialization by taking courses in other programs of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management.

This specialization will prepare students for career opportunities such as:

  • Marketing Manager, Consumer Goods Company
  • Marketing Communications Manager, Financial Services Company
  • Product Marketing Specialist, Informational Technology Company

Specialization Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 15 credits and 5 course titles of approved, relevant content.

Suggested Courses

Please Note: Course offerings may vary from year to year. Students in this specialization are encouraged to supplement the required courses with internships and additional business discipline courses relevant to their career objectives.

  • International Marketing Communications
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Global Strategic Marketing
  • International Strategic Partnerships
  • International Market Development: Strategy & Implementation
  • International Consumer Behavior & Marketing
  • Directed Study in Marketing Topics
  • International Market Research
  • Social Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Managing Developing Enterprises in Emerging Markets