Located in a rich entrepreneurial environment, the Fisher International MBA Program partners with local and international organizations to offer students exposure to networks of mentors, hands-on training, local venture capitalists, research opportunities, and start-up companies.

About the Program

For over 20 years, the Fisher International MBA Program has supported entrepreneurial education and offered a distinctive program that equips students with knowledge and skills for active roles in global business development. Our MBA students develop skills in core business disciplines, cross-cultural communication, and foreign language as well as specific skills that focus on entrepreneurship, such as opportunity identification, evaluation, and exploitation. Many of the entrepreneurship courses involve working with entrepreneurs or with firms engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Entrepreneurship Careers

Entrepreneurship is a way of doing business that involves being proactive and innovative, acting autonomously, and being willing to take reasonable risks in anticipation of commensurate rewards. Entrepreneurship can apply to new or innovative business ventures and can occur in new or existing firms, small or large firms or institutions, and in not-for-profit ventures. It is relevant for start-up and early stage entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers, large established firms, or institutions and relevant stakeholders.

This specialization will prepare students for career opportunities such as:

  • Starting their own business or working with a start-up
  • Being a corporate entrepreneur or intrapreneur in an established business
  • Being a social entrepreneur, i.e. using entrepreneurial techniques for the betterment of society

Specialization Requirements

Students specializing in Entrepreneurship must complete a minimum of 15 credits and 5 course titles of approved, relevant content.

Suggested Courses

Please Note: Course offerings may vary from year to year. Students in this specialization are encouraged to supplement the required courses with internships and additional business discipline courses relevant to their career objectives.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • International and Corporate Venture Capital
  • Directed Study in Entrepreneurship or Venture Capital Topics
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • International Business Consulting
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Intro to Social Enterprises and Impact Investing
  • Scaling High-Impact Social Enterprises
  • Scouting & Developing Winning Social Ventures
  • Diligence & Decision Making in Impact Investing
  • Designing an Innovative Business Model
  • Managing Social Enterprise Operations in Emerging Markets
  • Emerging Discipline of Impact Management