Business & International Development

As part of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management, our MBA program offers a wide range of courses in business, development, and environment under a single roof, preparing you for emerging career opportunities in international development.

International Development Careers

Business professionals have played increasingly important roles in International Development in the past decade.Therefore, this specialization emphasizes management of business functions within product and service companies engaged in development, particularly in emerging markets. The international development specialization will prepare students for career opportunities such as:

  • Country Representative, International NGO
  • Microfinance Manager, Commercial Bank
  • Strategic Planning Head, United Nations
  • Deputy Executive Officer, United States Agency for International Development

Specialization Requirements

Students specializing in Business and International Development will complete a minimum of 15 credits of elective level coursework. The emphasis will combine a course on business and development, an economic foundations course, and business and policy electives in their area of specialized interest.

Suggested Courses

Please Note: Course offerings may vary from year to year. Students in this specialization are encouraged to supplement the required courses with internships and additional business discipline courses relevant to their career objectives.

  • Development Economics
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Trade Laws & Institutions
  • Rethinking Human Rights
  • Development Practicum in El Salvador
  • Conflict, Business and Ethical Decision-making
  • MNCs, Investment, & Sustainable Development
  • Seminar: Program Evaluation
  • Seminar: Trade and Development
  • Seminar: Gender and Development
  • Seminar: Human Rights Impact Assessment
  • Seminar: Social Sector Needs Assessment
  • Seminar: Women’s Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspective
  • Seminar: Paradigm Shift: Security, Development and Human Rights
  • US-East Asia Trade and Investment Policy
  • Social Innovation Investing
  • ESG Risk Assessment
  • Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  • Energy & Environmental Markets
  • Intro to Network Analysis
  • Emerging Discipline of Impact Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • FMS training courses & practicum