Two Year MBA Program

Robert Taggart (MBA '10) works on his International Business Plan at a nearby cafe. Photo by Lucyna Jodlowska.

The Two-Year MBA program is designed for students who have not had an undergraduate business education or are looking to switch functional areas in business and need to update their skills. This program is also appropriate for international students who have completed a 3 year BA degree.

Core Curriculum (22 credits)

The core curriculum provides a rigorous introduction to a wide range of business functions and disciplines

International Business Plan (6 credits)

The International Business Plan is a team-based consulting project that students complete for a client company. Teams of students work with the sponsoring company, under faculty supervision, to develop a comprehensive plan for international business development.

Electives and Specializations (20 credits)

The MBA program offers a wide range of electives on business and policy topics such as Business Models for Sustainable Development and Social Impact Investment.

Two Year MBA students must complete 9 credits of advanced MBAG electives (8600 level), building on introductory level skills gained from core course requirements.

Specialization Options

The remaining 11 credits can be dedicated to topics in business and public policy relevant to their career interests. The Fisher International MBA program currently offers defined specializations in:

Language and Intercultural Competency (12 credits)

Language and Intercultural Studies program courses are offered in 7 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Additional languages are offered upon request. Through the Institute’s renowned content-based instruction, students combine advanced-level language skills development with topics related to their graduate coursework/professional interests. Our Intercultural Competency offerings provide students the cross-cultural communication skills needed to pursue global career opportunities.

Students can choose to complete the 12-credit Language and Intercultural Competency (ICC) component by taking 8-12 credits of language courses in a single language, and up to 4 credits of ICC coursework.  Students need to meet the minimum proficiency requirement in the language (200-level for Spanish and Arabic, 300-level for all other languages), demonstrated by taking a placement test.

Accelerated Graduation

Experienced students who do not choose to seek a summer internship may complete the program in 16 months by doing the business plan in the summer following the first year and taking additional courses during remaining semesters. Students choosing this option will work with the MBA Career and Academic Advisor to map out an appropriate study plan.