Mission & Learning Goals

The Fisher International MBA Program provides one and two year program options, including specializations in sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and localization management, to prepare you for a 21st century career.

MBA students discuss various business plans in a course on Entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

The Fisher International MBA Program’s mission is to educate individuals from all over the world to meet the 21st century’s greatest challenges as professional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and innovators in international business firms, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Learning Goals

  • Acquire an understanding of and facility with a body of knowledge of global management theories
  • Acquire cross cultural management and interpersonal skills in an intercultural setting
  • Demonstrate or attain a practical working knowledge of: a) a foreign language, or b) multiple languages in order to understand how business is done in different countries/languages, and gain insights regarding the interaction of language and culture as it affects business
  • Develop competency in selected cross border business career areas
  • Gain competency in selected industry, functional, and geographic areas
  • Gain experience in applying management tools and techniques to real world international business environments
  • Gain mastery of selected technological, quantitative, analytical, and communication tools necessary for international business