Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

A capstone project is a semester-long for-credit project that you undertake along with your core business classes and chosen electives. Designed to help you synthesize your classroom knowledge about business and global issues, capstone projects are opportunities to apply your business skills to serve a real-world client. They range from a consulting project with a live client to a months-long assignment in an emerging market or developing country.

International Business Plan

The International Business Plan capstone is for students interested in start-ups, small businesses, or Fortune 500 companies expanding into new markets.

Frontier Market Scouts Fellowship and Research Project

Middlebury Institute’s Frontier Market Scouts program selects and trains professionals seeking careers in social enterprise management and impact investing. The program consists of a two-week certificate training followed by a two- to 12-month fellowship.

To choose the fellowship program for your capstone requirement, you must first apply for admission to the program and then complete the fieldwork, including an impact research report.

Impact Management Consulting Capstone

The Impact Management Consulting capstone organizes a team of students to provide consultancy services to a client organization needing resilient business solutions to manage its social and environmental responsibility, the risks associated with the emerging global problems, or both.

Leveraging the core competencies of its sister programs at Middlebury Institute in environmental policy, trade and economic diplomacy, international development, and international security, this capstone gives you valuable experience in integrating nonconventional business knowledge and tools with business fundamentals so you can deliver high-value consulting services to a client organization.

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