Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Business Foundations Certificate

Business Foundations Certificate, Professor with Student, Picture

MBA Professor Lyuba Zarsky meets with a student. 

The Business Foundations Certificate program is designed to better prepare graduates for management positions within areas of language education, international policy and translation or interpretation careers.

The Business Foundations Certificate (BFC) is offered by the Fisher International MBA Program to students interested in general business knowledge. Students will build skill sets in various areas of business disciplines.


Elective credit requirements from the students’ degree program may be satisfied by coursework pursued for the Business Foundations Certificate. Some students may need to take additional credits to complete the Certificate. It is important to meet early in your academic career with your Career/Academic Advisor to discuss your career plans and how the BFC will help you meet these goals. Students may apply for the BFC by submitting copies of undergraduate transcripts to GSIPM Assistant Dean Toni Thomas for review. Assistant Dean Thomas will email the student the required courses and credits necessary for them to complete the BFC.

Read the Business Foundations Certificate Requirements.

Note: Students must complete coursework with a “B” average or higher to receive certificate.

Skill Set of the Business Foundations Certificate

The core requirements for the Certificate introduce the student to primary functional areas of a firm. These functional courses represent the majority of courses typically required in the MBA core requirements, but have been redesigned to reflect the background and interests of non-MBA students.

To be successful, students should be proficient in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Organizational behavior
  • Economics
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Business strategy

By understanding these functional areas and how they interrelate, students will be better able to perform in their chosen career areas. These courses will also provide the foundation to take more advanced business courses.

Waivers and Schedules

Core courses may be waived via prior experience, coursework or exam. Please see the GSIPM Assistant Dean for waivers. Substitutes for courses to those listed on this document must also be approved by the GSIPM Assistant Dean. Students may begin course work in their first semester of enrollment at the Institute. Not all courses are offered each semester. Careful planning is required to incorporate needed classes into other degree program schedules.