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Featured Courses

Here is a sampling of the innovative courses you'll be part of in the Fisher MBA in Global Impact Management. Check back soon as we will be showcasing different courses every couple of months.

Advanced Modeling and Decision Analysis

Spreadsheets are one of the most popular decision support systems on the planet today. Every day, millions of people use spreadsheet programs to build models for the decision problems they face in their work activities. As a result employers look for experience and ability with spreadsheets in the people they recruit.

This course covers some of the most popular, and other advanced, decision analysis techniques from the field of management science and shows how these tools can be implemented using Microsoft Excel to making better managerial decisions in a variety of business and non-business settings alike.

Case Studies in Corporate Governance

This case course focuses on international failures in corporate governance. Cases are selected to reflect fraud (e.g. Satyam); failures in enforcement (e.g. Bernie Madoff); and failures in compliance (e.g. Parmalat). Selected cases will demonstrate how weak corporate governance mechanisms create situations that facilitate cheating.

Key Topics: Executive compensation, Board characteristics, Ownership structure, Regulatory environment, International differences in corporate governance

ESG Risk Management in Corporate Finance

The goal of this course is to demonstrate how Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors can be used along with traditional financial metrics to assess risks and opportunities confronting firms.

Key Topics: Assessment of corporate governance quality, Analysis of social risk including reputational issues, Analysis of environmental risk including climate risk, Use of Net Present Value (NPV) and Real Options Valuation (ROV) to evaluate the impact of ESG risks and evolving mitigation strategies

Risk & Resilience: Applications in Risk Management

This course examines two traditional sources of firm risk: exchange rate risk and interest rate risk. Through lecture and case analyses, students will evaluate the impact on firm value and the efficacy of risk mitigation strategies.

Key Topics: Exchange risk exposure, Hedging FX risk, Interest rate risk management, Currency swaps, Interest rate swaps, Derivatives to manage FX and interest rate risk

Supply Chain Efficiency and Risk

This course covers recent advances in supply chain management such as supply chain risk mitigation and resilience, supply chain design for efficiency and environmental sustainability, green procurement strategies, product recovery and reverse logistics, advanced cost and value analysis, as well as a review of best industry practices in supply chain risk and sustainability management.