Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Opportunities for Career Placement

Middlebury Institute graduates are highly marketable. Our graduates are pursued by leading international businesses and organizations because they have proved, again and again, that they can hit the ground running. When it comes time to find fulfilling careers, they benefit from the assistance of Middlebury Institute’s broad network of well-placed alumni, faculty, and staff.

Alumni Network

The Middlebury Institute has a global network of 22,000 alumni. Working in position of responsibility across a vast array of organizations in both the public and private sectors, our alumni are well positioned to assist our graduating students.

Faculty Network

Distinguished as authorities in their fields, and often well connected internationally, Institute faculty members are also positioned to help students make career connections. As part of their role as educators, our faculty embrace the idea of mentoring and guiding students through their graduate studies. Many help our graduates take their next career step.

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