Student Participation Agreement

Please read the following list of guidelines regarding the Summer 2014 International Business Plan carefully and submit the form below.

*Please submit by Friday, April 18th, 2014.

1. Students participating in the International Business Plan (IBP) must be admitted as degree seeking candidates to the MBA program. If you are a Dual Degree candidate, or joint degree candidate, you must have received official admission to the MBA program no later than for Spring 2014 in order to qualify for Summer IBP.

2. Students must have completed all 8500-level core business requirements to be eligible for IBP. These courses include:

-IMGT/MBAG 8501 International Organizational Behavior
-IMGT/MBAG 8531 Financial Accounting
-IMGT/MBAG 8532 Managerial Accounting
-IMGT/MBAG 8536 Financial Management
-IMGT/MBAG 8540 Quantitative Analysis for Business
-IMGT/MBAG 8546 Operations Management
-IMGT/MBAG 8571 Marketing Management
-IMGT/MBAG 8561 Managerial Economics*
-IMGT/MBAG 8520 Topics in International Economics*

*students in the Joint MBA/MAIEP degree program substitute IPOL/IEPG 8542 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics for IMGT/MBAG 8561 and IMGT/MBAG 8520

*students in the Joint MBA/MAIPS degree program must complete economics requirements by taking one of the following options:

-IPSG 8502 International Economics I: Trade (2 credits) AND IPSG 8503 International Economics II: Currency, Cash Flow and Crises (2 credits)
-IPSG 8551 Development Economics (4 credits)
-MBAG 8561 Managerial Economics (2 credits) AND IPSG 8503 International Economics II: Currency, Cash Flow and Crises (2 credits)

Additionally, Advanced Entry students must have completed any 8500-level core business requirement written in their admission letter. Students must complete IMGT/MBAG 8651 Global Business Strategies, either prior to Summer IBP, or must take the course concurrently with the Summer IBP project.

3. Dates for IMGT/MBAG 8681 International Business Plan program are Monday, May 19 through Friday, August 22, 2014. Students should expect to be available to work with their teams throughout these dates.

4. Students are responsible for attendance at mandatory workshops and meetings, and for submitting work as needed to meet deliverables of the project.

5. Students should be aware of their billing structure for taking the MBA Program. Students should meet with the Office of Student Financial Planning to discuss their program, billing options and to understand how any scholarship or financial aid awards will be applied. Students are encouraged to gain written or email explanation of how they will be billed for their program to keep for their records.

6. A series of mandatory workshops will be scheduled throughout the semester. All students are expected to attend all sessions. If you feel you already have the skill set that will be covered in the workshop and would like to request permission to be excused, please send an email one week prior to the session outlining your prior education or professional experience. The email should be submitted to Toni Thomas. We will respond as to whether you have been excused or must make up the work in an alternate fashion, or be required to attend the workshop. Unexcused absences from mandatory workshops may lower your grade.

7. Students will be given the opportunity to submit their choice of projects to work on. An email will be sent in early May with details about projects for the summer. Students may submit their preferences, and provide explanation as to why they would be a good addition to the team. We cannot guarantee that all students will receive their first choice.

Verification of Agreement to Participate

I have read the list of guidelines regarding the Summer 2014 International Business Plan. I verify that I meet the eligibility requirements and agree to abide by the stated requirements of the program. I intend to participate in the Summer 2014 International Business Plan and am requesting to be assigned to a team.