The Teaching Foreign Languages (TFL) specialization can be completed as a stand-alone program Certificate or concurrently with a Master's of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL).

Certificate in Teaching Foreign Languages (TFL)

The stand-alone TFL certificate consists of 17 graduate credits. As the coursework is quite rigorous, we often recommend that the certificate be completed over two semesters (fall and spring), although it is possible to earn the certificate in an intensive semester of study.

The stand-alone TFL certificate consists of the following TFL courses:

  • Language Analysis, 3 credits

  • Principles and Practices, 3 credits

  • Curriculum Design, 3 credits

  • Sociolinguistics, 3 credits

  • Language Structure/Pedagogy, 4 credits  ~OR~
    Pedagogical Grammar in Foreign Language Education, 4 credits (Spring only)

  • Electives, 1-2 credits

Total: 17 credits

Electives may include courses such as Teaching of Reading, Teaching of Writing, and any of our courses offered for the specializations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning or Language Program Administration.

Adding a TFL Specialization to a MATESOL Degree

Students pursuing an MA in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (MATESOL) who have advanced fluency in another language may choose to add a TFL specialization to their degree.

The TFL specialization in addition to the MATESOL consists of the following coursework:

  • Language Studies, 4 credits

  • Pedagogical Grammars in Foreign Language Education, 4 credits (Spring only)

  • Second Language Acquisition, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Language Assessment, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Curriculum Design, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Sociolinguistics, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Electives, 2-3 credits

Total: 14 credits

The Directed Study units are typically taken after completing the course of the same name. The student will then do a course project focused on English. For example, a TFL student teaching French will work on a French language curriculum in Curriculum Design. As their TESOL Directed Study unit in Curriculum Design, they will then design an English language curriculum.