Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) specialization can be completed either as a stand-alone certificate or concurrently with a Master's of Teaching Foreign Languages (MATFL).

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The Professional TESOL Certificate

The stand-alone TESOL Certificate consists of 17 graduate credits, designed as a stand-alone course of study for nondegree students.

The certificate program begins in the fall semester and takes two semesters to complete.

The stand-alone TESOL Certificate consists of the following selected TESOL courses:

  • Language Analysis, 3 credits

  • Principles and Practices, 3 credits

  • Curriculum Design, 3 credits

  • Sociolinguistics, 3 credits

  • Structure of English, 3 credits

  • Electives, 2 credits

Total: 17 credits

Electives may include courses such as Teaching of Reading, Teaching of Writing, and any of our courses offered in the specializations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning or Language Program Administration.

The Master's Degree TESOL Specialization

The specialization is designed for Middlebury Institute students who are pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign Language and who want to add a TESOL specialization to their coursework so that they are also be eligible to teach English.

Interested students take the following classes in addition to their degree requirements:

  • Applied Linguistics Research, 2 credits

  • Structure of English, 3 credits

  • Second Language Acquisition, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Language Assessment, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Curriculum Design, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Sociolinguistics, 1 credit Directed Study

  • Electives, 5 credits

Total: 14 credits

The Directed Study units are typically taken after completing the course of the same name. The student will then do a course project focused on English. For example, a TFL student teaching French will work on a French language curriculum in Curriculum Design. As their TESOL Directed Study unit in Curriculum Design, they will then design an English language curriculum.