Student Profiles: CALL

Technology-enhanced language learning can range from the incorporation of digital images and other media into a particular lesson to semester long cross-cultural, web-based collaborations.

From the use of stand-alone software running on a local computer to exploring authentic materials and target-language communities on the web via laptops and mobile devices, technology can be utilized to enhance language learning in a variety of ways.

The choices that teachers make about the integration of technology into their practice reflects their own beliefs about language, language learning, and language teaching, as well as the specifics of the particular context in which they work.

Profiles of MATESOL and MATFL graduate students and alumni:

Akihiko Sasaki (MATESOL & CALL Specialization, 2003): An EFL teacher at Kwansai Gakuin Junior High School in Japan since 1990 and developer of the school's CALL facility, Akihiko is currently completing a doctoral degree related to CALL in Japan.

Edie Furniss (MATFL Russian & CALL Specialization, 2010): A former Fulbright scholar and Russian instructor at Beloit College's summer intensive language program, Edie spent the summer after graduation as a technology specialist for Middlebury's summer Russian program and during the academic year works with foreign language faculty at Connecticut College.  View her online portfolio of CALL and other projects.

David Chiesa (MATESOL & LPA Specialization, 2010): After four years of teaching in Japan's JET program, Dave became a Peace Corps Master's International (PCMI) student and spent two years teaching in China, where he was asked to teach his own CALL course.  The year after graduation Dave will return to China via the prestigious English Language Fellow program, sponsored by the State Department.  In addition to completing the specialization in Language Program Administration (LPA), Dave elected to take two CALL courses while at MIIS.

Kelley Calvert (MATESOL, 2005): Currently teaching courses in the English for Academic and Professional Purposes (EAPP) program at MIIS, Kelley has experimented with the use of Flip video cameras to facilitate the recording and sharing of oral feedback via YouTube.  MATESOL/PCMI (2008) graduate Matt Robinson studied this project for his Applied Linguistics Research paper and then presented his work at the annual CATESOL conference.

Jenny Rose Tobin (MATESOL, 2009):  Jenny Rose took one CALL elective while at MIIS and the summer after graduation found herself identified as the local technology specialist via a project at her summer job site.

Lindsey Bowman (MATESOL, 2011):  In addition to assisting this fall with a CALL elective that she took last year as a student, Lindsey is also currently the force behind the Institute's @miisesl twitter account!

Hisako Yamashita (MATESOL & CALL Specialization, 2005)