Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Professionals in the field give lectures in topics ranging from theoretical to applied approaches of translation and interpretation. These include research, personal experiences, and insights.

About the Lecture Series

The Found in Translation lecture series covers the latest issues, developments and trends in the fields of translation, interpreting and localization studies presented by MIIS faculty and invited guests.


Sarah E. Sagué


Sr. Language Specialist
Castilian Spanish


Melany Laterman


Sr. Language Specialist
Brazilian Portugese

Localization at eBay


Part I: A Day in the Life of a Language Specialist
In an overview of the role of a Language Specialist within eBay’s Localization team, learn what tasks we perform, the tools we use, the types of content we translate and review, and our processes for quality assurance. You will also learn about other skills that are not language-related but are necessary for you to succeed in a team-centered, high-paced corporate environment.


Part II: Localization of Mobile Apps
Learn tips for how to ensure high quality while overcoming the challenges associated with translating and localizing content for mobile apps and sites. You will understand the importance of concise style and clarity when translating content displayed in small screens and will see examples of creative solutions for the localization of source content that is not necessarily created with internationalization in mind.


Mike Dillinger, PhD


Manages Machine Translation

Machine Translation in Practice: What Professional Translators Need to Know

Machine translation software is attracting attention from translation clients, including government organizations, companies, and language services providers. This is forcing translators to make a difficult decision: work with the technology or find a way to work around it. This session will help you decide. The presenter will describe how language services providers and companies use machine translation and what the translator's role is in this new business model.


Franz Pöchhacker

Franz Pochhacker

Associate Professor
Interpreting Studies
Center for Translation Studies
University of Vienna 

Fieldwork in Interpreting Research: The Case of Asylum Hearings

This talk describes the methods and findings of a study on interpreter-mediated asylum interviews in Austria. Based on a three-fold distinction of basic research strategies and data collection methods, the study is presented as an example of 'fieldwork' using various types of qualitative data, including audio-recordings, participant observation, informal interviews and documents.


Anna Schlegel

Anna Schlegel

Sr. Director
Globalization and Information Engineering
NetApp Inc.

Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets

As part of the GSILE Speaker Series, Anna Schlegel, Sr. Director of Globalization and Information Engineering at NetApp Inc. will present the background and overview of her new book, Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets.


Cynthia Giambruno

Cynthia Giambruno

Department Member
Translating and Interpreting
University of Alicante

Language barriers in mediation: Determining optimal communication strategies

Overcoming language and cultural barriers is pivotal to the success of mediation. There are three possible approaches to dealing with language and cultural barriers in mediation. In this presentation we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each option and discuss the issues that interpreters who work in mediations should be aware of for optimal performance.


Sabine Braun

Sabine Braun

Professor, Translation Studies
Director, Centre for Translation Studies (CTS)
University of Surrey

Video-mediated interpreting: Current insights and future research directions

This presentation will begin by explaining the key terms and concepts associated with VMI and then give an overview of the main developments and trends in VMI in supra-national institutions, legal, healthcare and other settings, referring to current and emerging practices and to insights from research. The presentation will conclude with an outlook to future directions of VMI and an outline of questions arising for further research.


Iris Orriss

Iris Orriss

Localization & Internationalization

How many languages does it take to connect 7 billion people?

This talk explores the role languages play in enabling Facebook's mission.


In addition the speaker will talk about her career in localization and internationalization and hold a Q&A after the presentation.


Jost Zetzsche

Jost Zetzsche

Translator, ATA-accredited English-to-German
Consultant, localization and translation
Writer, technical solutions
Translation and localization industry

The future of translation technology

The eleventh edition of Jost's popular book, A Translator's Tool Box: A Computer Primer for Translators, is now available and you can find his Found in translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World in every major bookstore.

Other Recent Speakers

  • The Multiple Challenges of Higher Education in Emergencies

Barbara Moser-Mercer, Professor of Translation and Interpreting, University of Geneva, Switzerland

  • The Realities of the Conference Interpreting Market in Latin America

Katty Kauffman, Practicing Interpreter and Cross-border Business Culture Consultant

  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Cyril Flerov, Adjunct Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

  • Practical Aspects of Technical Translation

Nicholas Hartmann, Freelance Technical and Scientific Translator

  • Machine Translation in Practice: What Professional Translators Need to Know

Mike Dillinger, Ph.D., Senior Program Manager for Machine Translation at LinkedIn

  • The Interpreter’s Eternal Dilemma: Is a faithful interpretation the best interpretation? A historical perspective

Dr. William Hart, Professor of History, Middlebury College, Vermont

  • An Introduction to California Court Interpreting

Anne Marx, Senior Court Services Analyst, California Judicial Council

  • Birth of a Writer: Translating Josep Pla’s The Gray Notebook

Dr. Peter Bush, D.Phil., Oxford University, England

  • The Intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Human Computer Interface (HCI)

Dr. Spence Green, Stanford University, California

  • The Translation and Non-translation of Songs in American Animated Films into Spanish

Dr. Lydia Brugué, Assistant Professor, University of Vic, Spain

  • Interpreting or Navigating or Both? Patient Navigators at Seattle Children's Hospital

Dr. Ineke Crezee, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand