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Preparing students for impactful careers

On Campus/Local

Students do not have to leave campus to find immersive learning opportunities.


Client Projects and Simulations

Our coursework is applied and hands-on. Students complete projects in courses for real-life local and international clients. Courses use simulations to teach and build in-depth understanding and critical thinking around complex global issues.


Research Centers and Initiatives

The eight Research Centers and Initiatives on-campus offer students the opportunity to participate in relevant internships or fellowships, conduct further research and the chance to be published in world-renowned scholarly journals.


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Monterey Birdview

Local Internships, Service Opportunities, and Clubs

Monterey is not your average small town. Students can complete internships at a wide range of local nonprofits, governments, and social enterprises in Monterey County and Santa Cruz.


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Water Challenge Winners

Team Challenges Around Social Issues

Our collaborative, innovative, and inter-disciplinary approach is highlighted through team challenges and case competitions.


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Stretch Work and Life-long Learning

You often hear the term "stretch work" used on campus to describe our promotion of self-directed learning and new skill development. Students create many of their learning opportunities through stretch work and they carry this approach into their careers.


The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) is just one place where students can develop new skills.


The Center for Advising & Career Services (CACS) is the hub for all advising, career education and professional development activities related to employment readiness and success.


Lynda, an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills, is offered for free to the MIIS community. Just log-in with your MIIS credentials.


Want to know more? See what Professor Edward Laurance has to say.


January-Term and Spring Break Practica

Faculty-led practica take the learning out of the classroom and into the field. Students apply their skills in complex real world situations, often with a client organization.

DPMI Rwanda

International Practica

Students can go on a variety of credit bearing trips. Past countries visited include Cuba, El Salvador, Peru, the Philippines, Rwanda, China and Japan.



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Local Practica

We are always looking for ways to engage the local community and put our students to work addressing local complex issues that have international ramifications. Students can work with their Career Advisor and GSIPM to develop their own local practica. Information sessions on how-to design your own practica will be held during the fall.


Summer Fellowships and Trainings

Students can choose to work in a paid internship, build their language skills, or take an intensive professional certificate training.


Professional Fellowships

The MIIS Center for the Blue Economy (CBE) sponsors paid summer fellowships in marine policy. Students studying Conflict Resolution may also be selected for a Peacebuilder Fellowship through the MIIS Center for Conflict Studies.


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Professional Certificate Programs and Trainings

Students have the option of participating in either Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation (DPMI) or the Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) summer training programs.


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Language Skill-Building


Language skill-building opportunities include but are not limited to the following:

Holt Winners

Create your own Experience!

Many students source their own summer internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities over the summer and then build-off of these opportunities in classes the following semester. In addition, some students expedite their degree program by enrolling in academic credit over the summer.



Semester-Long Options: Fellowships, Practicum and Study Abroad

Students can choose to work in their field full-time in their final semester while completing a substantial project that benefits their organization to earn academic credit.


Semester-long Fellowships and Practica


The following programs provide US and international semester-long work and research opportunities:


Study Abroad

Students who want to take classes in a second language can study at a Middlebury Schools Abroad. This program provides academically rigorous and culturally immersive experiences in 16 countries and 36 cities all over the world.


MIIS has student exchange agreements with three prestigious international universities to provide students with more opportunities for higher-language development and cultural immersion. Learn more about our student exchange agreements with American University Cairo, the Norwegian School of Economics, and Waseda University in Tokyo.


Post-Graduation Fellowships

MIIS Alumni have been awarded a variety of competitive fellowships. Some are government-funded, others are NGO or Research Institution-Sponsored and some take students into the realm of Social Entrepreneurship.


View a list of relevant fellowships promoted by our Center for Career and Academic Advising (CACS). Students also find opportunities through the ProFellow database.


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Immersive Professional Learning Funding

Many of the opportunities posted above are eligible (subject to availability) for MIIS Immersive Professional Learning funding.

To review a selection of past Immersive Learning projects, visit the Immersive Learning Student Project Portal.