About GSIPM Spring Colloquium

The Monterey Institute of International Studies will present its Fourth Annual Global Problems and Solutions Colloquium this Spring 2013.

About the Colloquium

The Monterey Institute of International Studies hosts an annual Global Problems and Solutions Colloquium, sponsored by the Monterey Institute’s Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM).  This colloquium focuses on complex and controversial issues with the topic changing every semester.

The Spring 2013 topic covers Evolving Global Security Challenges: From Traditional to Nontraditional Security.

This colloquium introduces students to the academic discourse and policy debate on the evolving nature of global security challenges from traditional national security focused on military threats and responses to non-traditional security problems and approaches including human, environmental, energy, food security, etc.

The course provides students with an opportunity to engage experts from the academic, policy, and advocacy/action communities. Students will earn 2 or 4 credits depending on the assignments they choose to complete.

The Colloquium on Evolving Global Security Challenges is directed by Tsuneo Akaha and Shanthi Kalathil. They can be contacted at takaha@miis.edu and skalathil@miis.edu.

Past Themes

"Emerging Markets: BRICS and Beyond" (2012)

"Nation building" (2011)

"Carbon Markets" (2010)