Environmental Policy Student Profiles

We are building a community of students who take on local and global challenges and work together to create solutions.  Learn about our diverse student body and hear what they have to say about the Monterey Institute.

Meet Our 2013 Fulbright Scholars

Sam Fielding: Fulbright Scholar

Fast Fact: Sam was raised in Alaska and is very knowledgeable about musk ox and caribou.

"MIIS has lots of opportunities outside of the classroom to gain professional experience and internships..."

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Annie Rouse: Fulbright Scholar

Fast Fact: Annie is an industrial hemp activist.

"The Monterey Institute professors really do understand what the U.S. Fulbright [program is] looking for in applications.”

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Hear Our Stories

Laura Henson

Fast Fact: Lauren ran a private marathon with two other volunteers down the national highway of Mozambique.

"I genuinely want to be a part of something that is much bigger than myself..."

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Tiffani Jarnigan

Fast Fact: Tiffani studied Russian for 10 years.

"After graduating from the Monterey Institue, I felt confident in performing any task...putting together a sustainability..."

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Adam Fullerton

Fast Fact: Adam sailed from San Diego to South Africa when he was 16 as part of a semester at sea program.

"My favorite part of the IEP program is the professional curriculum that not only gives students a strong academic..."

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Allysum Pohl

Fast Fact: Allysum lived on a sailboat as a kid and is a contortionist.

"I get to practice using tools and writing and presenting projects like I will be doing in my career for years to come..."

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Catherine Carlton

Fast Fact: Catherine works at a permaculture NGO in Malawi.

"My favorite aspect of the International Environmental Policy program was the individual attention each student received..."

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James Knuckles

Fast Fact: James traveled to 10 countries on a 100-day trip around the world.

"My peers in the IEP program hail from every corner of the planet...learning from them is my favorite part..."

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Kat Gordon

Fast Fact: Kat spent a whole afternoon diving with great white sharks in South Africa.

"I like the tight knit community and the responsiveness of the program to student needs..."

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