We educate students to be leaders in solving the world's most pressing environmental problems.

Curriculum for the International Environmental Policy Program

Our innovative Curriculum for the International Environmental Policy Program develops the critical knowledge and skills to tackle complex environmental challenges especially those posed by the multiple threats from climate change. As internationally recognized experts and practitioners, International Environmental Policy faculty members stay ahead of today's job market to ensure that our students are prepared for the careers of the future. Our students come from a variety of countries to pursue their interests on a wide range of interdisciplinary issues. The program is focused solely on the master's degree, ensuring that students get close faculty guidance for academic and professional development.

Customized Focus Areas

We have expertise at the forefront of new career opportunities in International Environmental Policy and offer interdisciplinary coursework and immersive field experience in the three following areas.

Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, Image

Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

Integrating traditional marine science and policy with economics and management to promote ocean and coastal sustainability.

Business, Sustainability and Development, Image

Business, Sustainability, and Development

Exploring the role of markets in promoting global sustainability and sustainable development through business models, private-public partnerships, and public policy.

Natural Resource Policy and Management, Image

Natural Resource Policy and Management

Examining the role of the public and private sectors in conservation policy and management, from agriculture to protected areas to forestry.

Joint MBA/MA International Environmental Policy Program

Joint Degree Program, Image
Our Joint MBA/MA International Environmental Policy program provides an opportunity for students to earn two master's degrees in five semesters.

Internships in International Environmental Policy

Students gain professional experience through internships, prestigious fellowships and other real-world, immersive programs such as:

    Careers in International Environmental Policy

    In Brazil, China, Germany, Laos, Peru, Italy, Australia, India and many other countries, our graduates are working to solve challenging environmental and sustainability issues. Many students also pursue environmental internships and career opportunities here in the Monterey Bay area of California, where over 150 environmental organizations have offices. Discover the exciting career paths our graduates have taken!

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