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Laura Henson: California Sea Grant Fellow at NOAA

Laura Henson, California Sea Grant Fellow at NOAA

Laura Henson

December 12, 2013

Congratulations to Laura Henson (MAIEP ’13) on her acceptance to the prestigious Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship - an opportunity she describes as her "dream job."

The fellowship program provides marine science and policy graduate students with real-world experience in national policy development and implementation. Laura will spend one year at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of International Affairs (NOAA OIA), with a focus on arctic issues. Applying her language and leadership abilities, Laura will facilitate communication among scientists, policymakers and stakeholders in marine resource management.

Reflecting on her time at the Institute, Laura commented that the Center for the Blue Economy Summer Fellows Program was "invaluable" preparation for a competitive fellowship: "I spoke frequently in the Knauss interviews about my summer experience working with Spanish colleagues for UNESCO in Mozambique and the variety of challenges associated with that. I think being able to provide a practical example of a challenging professional experience at a high level went a long way."

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